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James Bond Quantum of Solace Walkthrough Siena

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Mission 2. Siena A scene will play here to kick off Mission Siena

You will start behind cover here

Youíll need to follow the traitor

Soon you will come to a spiral staircase that is broken half way down just go ahead and fall off of it

At the bottom continue to follow Mitchell

Heíll take a few shots at you, then just run away

There will be a guard on the left side inside one of the alcoves so be prepared and take him out

Continue to follow the path until you reach another drop point

Drop down and crouch O Button and head into the tunnel to your right

At the end will be a drop off drop down and take cover on the wall in front of you

Now take out the guards blocking your progression (look for explosive objects)

Once this room is clear head to this fallen piece of walkway

And jump up it to the top, a guard will pop out down the way take him out

After he is down more will come dispose of them properly

Soon a pop up will tell you that you need to destroy the gate so jump across to the other side of the walkway to your right

Then take aim at the generator and fire

This will blow up a lot of stuff and kill almost all of the guards minus a few

Clean the area up pick up any weapons you find and head for the blown up gate

Once inside take cover on the wall and take out the guard that rushes you

Continue through the tunnel youíll see Mitchell

A few explosions will pop off

Head straight down the tunnel a guard will be waiting by the way up dispose of him

Now it is time for a Timed Escape Mission (itís real easy donít worry)

Just run, jump and duck to get through here you have 30 seconds so you should be fine even if you get caught up

A scene will play here, you start out behind cover

Run up to the corner and take cover

A slew of guards to take care of

Now you have some choices 3 pathís but they all lead to the same place choose one

After you reach the building go up stairs

Keep going just around the wall is a case containing the Magnum

Exit out the back and up the stairs following Mitchell

At the top youíll be prompted to Jump Triangle Button do as advised

A scene will play showing you jump, after you have control head towards the cover here

Lots of guards will come take them out accordingly

And shoot the electric boxes you see

A second wave will show up as you advance down one level is a box of ammo head there

Take out the remaining guards and shoot the electric box and head into the building on the left

Pick up the cell phone on the ground here

Then take cover and shoot the guards out the doorway

Go back to the ammo crate before you jump across the roof to the balcony if you need ammo

Once across head up stairs and pick up the cell phone

Avoid the hole in the floor and go pick up the A3 Raker by the window here

Head back to the door you passed

After it guards will snipe at you take them out

Once they are down head for the edge of the roof and jump down onto the school bus

Climb up the pole on the other side

Instantly take cover here and snipe the rope holding the bell up

This will kill the gunman and cause some chaos

Advance and more will come deal with them

After they stop coming head for the door way by the busted down bell

This will kick off a scene Half way through it a mini-game will pop off hit the correct buttons to win

This will end Mission Siena