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James Bond Quantum of Solace Walkthrough Shanty Town

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You’ll start out behind cover in this mission

Jump down here

And head to this building

Take cover 2 guards will come out

Move forward they’ll spot you and take cover

Then run to his building here

And take cover on the right side of it like this

The guards will run away head over to the bar area

And take cover right here, some explosions will go off and a guard to kill

Then take cover on the left hand doorway by this menu

Take out the guards here on the beach

Soon a checkpoint and the remaining guards flee

Inch out until you can see this truck with a gunner on the back

Take aim and shoot the gunner this will cause them to get mad and move out of range

Inch up until you can see his muzzle flashes and take aim

Shoot him a few times for a check point then go plunder the beach for weapons behind you

Then head to this crate to trigger some guards

Then run back to cover here and shoot the propane tank

That will finish them off

Once the area is clear head into the building they came out of

And out through the door here in the back for a checkpoint

Go up this ladder here

And across these container’s

The bomber will run when you get close to the end of the second container

Hop down and run from cover to cover

Until you reach this room with a gun crate in it and a checkpoint

Head over to the crate and pick up the 8-CAT

Then head up this ladder

Take cover on the wall here

Lots of guards will rush in deal with them

Then the truck shows up again, just shoot the propane tank in the building to the left with the 2 guards in it

After they are all downed a checkpoint head out the building and towards Carter for a scene

This will End Mission 5.