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James Bond Quantum of Solace Walkthrough Science Center Exterior

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A scene will start this mission

Take cover after it

You goal is to snipe the 3 lookout’s with 1 shot each

After they are downed head out to this door for a scene

After it you be behind some cover

Creep up on this guard and take him down

Then hack this camera box here

Then take cover and snipe the guard patrolling

Then creep down the alley towards this guard

Do a takedown on him

And head inside the trailer

And jump out the back door here

Then hack this door lock

Once inside head to the doorway on the left and snipe the guard

Then creep up on the other one down the way

Then take cover on this box time for a battle

Take out the guards that come rushing in

Advance as you take them out

Soon another wave will come when you get to this truck

Take them out and head for this truck here

Head over to the side and climb up inside the box

Then out the other side

And up this ladder

Then over on to the catwalk stairs

And to this corner for a checkpoint and a guard to kill

Head inside the door he came out of and grab the D.A.D. system

Then head up the stairs outside

At the top climb this ladder

And head over to this corner and jump over

Wait until the search light makes it way UP and shimmy across to the pole

Then climb the pole and get ready for a brawl (D.A.D. them to death)

After you take out the first wave head back to this area

More will come to play

Then round the corner and let these guys have it

Around the next bend a checkpoint and some guards kill them

Keep advancing taking out the guards as they come and the helicopter guy

More will come when you reach this Ducting here take them out and climb over

Take cover on the AC unit and take out the guards that pop out

Then advance to the next corner and do the same

The next corner is a checkpoint

Now it is time to take down a helicopter

Equip your best weapon and go to town on it

Soon it will fly over head, just switch sides of you cover

But be on the look out for guards flanking

Couple times of doing this and the copter will go down

This will kick off a scene and end Mission 7.