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James Bond Quantum of Solace Walkthrough Construction Site

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After the scene and you have control a timed chase sequence kicks off

Run towards the workers here

And to this spot on the wall and climb up it

Then head for this crane youíll need to jump to it and head up the mast

Half-way up a balance mini-game will kick off

At the top head inside the shop

Duck into this crawlspace and move forward

At the end climb out

Then take a right towards the crack in the wall

Bust through it for a scene

After the short scene a checkpoint

This path is straight forward here, climb up a level here

And head towards these pipes

Youíll be prompted to jump near the end

Then to release the pipeís for a scene

After it head towards the bomb maker

Half way across a balance game

Then at the end a jump

Then head after him again

Another balance game and jump

Youíll need to find your way down it is linear donít worry

Soon youíll see the bomb maker taking your exit

Head in this chain-link door

And to this lift and tear the cables

A scene will play after you run towards the van

This will end Mission 6.