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James Bond Quantum of Solace Walkthrough Casino Royale

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This is a SNEAKING Mission!!! Once you have control take cover and watch the patrol pattern.

After you have it down wait for the guard patrolling to turn away and head for the guard on the balcony

Wait here in cover until the patrolling guard is gone again and climb over the wall here

Shimmy across and make the first jump

Then wait for the guards to look away and jump again

A guard will remain watching the window when he looks away jump the last time

On the other side a checkpoint make sure to crouch

Sneak up the cover here and wait for the patrolling guard to leave

Then head for this cart in the room straight ahead

Wait for the guard to leave and head for this room take cover on the other door inside

Wait for the guard to leave again you need to push this cart straight in front of you

Once inside the room, go ahead push another cart here

Then open you phone and watch that the guard in the hall won’t see you climb the cart you just pushed

If the coast is clear climb the cart, then bookshelf

Then open the vent in the roof here

Climb in it for a checkpoint

Head through the tunnel to get your reward a scene

Continue crawling through the ducting till you reach this vent

Fall through and take cover fast like

Lots of guys will come out

After you take them down head to this door and take cover

Make your way through the halls until you see these 2 guards

Take them down

Then jump the wall here

Shimmy to a checkpoint a guard will say he is going to go check the balcony jump to it

Open your phone and wait until he is in the doorway

Then rush him and take him down

Then head into the hall here and wait for the guard to look away and creep into the ice room

Then creep up and take him down

Go into the room behind you and grab the phone

Then head into this door and down the hall

Hack this lock at the end

After the scene and you shoot a guard a huge battle!

Once the last guard is downed a checkpoint

Then it time to jump down if you are upstairs and head for the doors the guards are at

Take them out and head down the hallway here for a checkpoint

Soon another fight sequence

After you make it to the bottom you’ll have to mash O button so Eva Green will save you

This will End Mission 11.