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James Bond Quantum of Solace Walkthrough Venice

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After a scene it値l be time to follow Vesper

Soon you値l come to some stairs and it値l be time to clear the courtyard

Head up the stairs and deal with the guards here I prefer to take them down

Soon you値l need to head down these stairs and take cover half way down on the small wall

A large scale battle will take place

Watch your flank

Move forward and grab the TND 16 ARO scope and take cover

More waves will come take them out

Soon a guard will open the gate to the right take him out

You値l get a checkpoint, Find Vesper

Head through the gate the guard opened you値l loose your weapon for a minute

Head towards this opened gate for a checkpoint

You don稚 have to jump to the beam in front of you, You can hop down a level and shimmy across here

On the other side head up this ladder

Grab the phone here

Head out the back door to get a checkpoint and use of your weapon back

Head down these stairs and take cover here on the wall

Shoot the generator for a checkpoint

Now eliminate the Merc痴

A total of 2 waves here one you値l need to advance to this cover to trigger

After they are all down and the area is clear head to this ladder

Half way down the hall you値l get a checkpoint, Which will trigger a wave of mercenaries

After they are taken care of advance to this cover

Shoot the Merc

Then grab the phone

Now head over this bridge

Then to this boat for a checkpoint

Cross the boat and jump this railing

Shimmy down and wait for the guard to leave then jump across

Same thing here wait for him to turn around and take him down

Head through the courtyard to this doorway for a checkpoint

Head inside and creep up on this guard take him down to trigger a wave

You know the drill shoot the guards

Make your way through the house it linear you can稚 get lost

More guards to play with along the way

Soon you will come to a switch use it

Jump across to the planks you just lowered and onto the other side

Head up the stairs quickly

Deal with the guards here

Make your way down the path until you get a scene

Now make sure you headshot this guy here

A scene will play this will end Mission 14.