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James Bond Quantum of Solace Walkthrough Eco Hotel

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This is the Final Mission and it’s a long drawn out battle with about 200 guards to kill

You start out in a desert in the open

Make your way towards the driveway

You’ll need to NOT avoid the car here, because you want to shoot the driver

After you re-spawn head back down there

This time stick to the left to avoid the SUV

Head inside and take cover here to trigger lots of guards

Shoot the hydrogen dispensers to draw them out from cover

After a few head to this wall you’ll see a phone in a room to your left

Take cover and deal with some more guards

When low on ammo run out and grab an M14

Continue to kill the guards until you get a checkpoint

Now head to the room over here to the right

Inside pick up the phone to trigger another wave

Take cover on the wall and shoot the guards. Again there are a lot of them this will take a few.

After they are down a checkpoint

Advance to this piece of cover to trigger another wave of guards

After they are down move towards this doorway on the left to trigger some more

Head back to where you were behind cover

Take them out

You will get a checkpoint then some more come down the glass hallway to the north

After they are down head to the roll up door at the end on your right and grab the 8-CAT

Then enter the build that the last wave came out of for a checkpoint

Head up the stairs here in front of you

And hack the door lock at the top on the right

Then head inside

And through the back door area for a checkpoint

Take cover here Bond will find Camille’s target in the atrium

No avoiding it they will catch you here so kill them

Then head down the hall you’ll be blocked in by fire shoot the extinguisher

Then head into the door the fire was blocking

Make your way to this corner and take cover

Eliminate the guards here

Shoot the extinguisher at the end to advance

More guards to kill

Another extinguisher on the wall here

Then take cover on this door jam and take out the guards in this room

Advance from cover to cover and head into the closet on the right hand side near the end and grab the phone

Head back out and take cover on the sign here

Head down stairs and shoot this pane of glass out

Head outside and down to this wall and take cover for a checkpoint

Head inside and take cover here on the wall

The fire blast will kill you if you don’t taking cover is advised

Take out the guard you can see up the walkway

Then his friend who come down looking for you

Make your way up the stairs in front of you

Take the second door on your left and head inside

Then head out the busted out window and take cover on the deck separator

Kill the three guards

Then climb over the walls

Soon a scene will play showing you where to shoot

Shoot the tanks for another scene

Head towards Camille for a checkpoint

Time to go get Greene

Head onto the beam after the fire dies down for a balance game

On the other side head down the ramp to your left

Once at the bottom a checkpoint and a flood of guards

Take cover and eliminate them

Soon a checkpoint

You’ll need to hack this door

After you do? Take cover you have 40 seconds to kill these guys

Soon Camille will say to follow her do so

She’ll shoot an extinguisher to clear the path

Jump over and get your reward