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Just Cause 2 Walkthrough Agency Mission 6 - Into the Den

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Make your way to the next checkpoint.

Sweep and clean through the canyon, kill all enemies in your path.

Toss some Triggered Explosives onto to the AA-Gun.

Make your way back to the Black Mesa Research Facility.

There are two of these guys, so use the Sniper Rifle from behind cover to take them out.

The unmanned turrets are not much of a threat if you approach them from the side.

Make your way to the enterance panel and wait for the engineers to come.

Run across the top floor to find Baby Panay in the back.

Use the roof as cover in the Chopper fight.

Taking the Chopper head on like this is not advised unless you have a fully upgraded weapon.

Clear out the courtyard of soldiers before accessing the console.

Hack the console only when you've cleared out all the enemies.

Make a run for it before the whole Den explodes.