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Just Cause 2 Walkthrough Agency Mission 2 - Casino Bust

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The beginning of this mission is pretty straight forward. You will encounter a handful of soldiers who are blocking your way to the Casino. Once you kill the soldiers, you will be prompted to disarm the Breaching Charges on the Casino. Here you will have to use the Grappling Hook to scale up the side of the building, so simply aim upwards and Grapple onto the side of the building.

Input the disarming sequence to take care of the Breaching Charges.

When the helicopter comes, use the Grappling Hook to latch onto the helicopter and take out the pilot.

When you grapple onto the helicopter, you will be in control. Shoot down the enemy chopper to proceed to the next area. From here you will want to exit the copter and parachute down to the walkway between the casino buildings. Drop into the walk way and let the cut scene run.

Utilize the Grappling Hook to remove the car from the ditch. Then get on it and let Karl drive.

Soldiers will be coming after you in cars, aim for the tires on the oncoming vehicles.

Once you finish up this scene you will complete the mission and be able to roam Panau freely.