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Just Cause 2 Walkthrough Agency Mission 1 - Welcome to Panau

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After a short cutscene, jump out of the chopper. Navigate through the air to grab your PDA from Marshall. After parachuting to the mountain, use the Grappling Hook to pull down soldiers from ledges and from afar.

You're objective is to pick up the lost memory cards scattered around the mountain base. Memory Cards will be easy to find by using the on-screen radar.

One of the memory cards will be picked up by the soldier. Take out the solider to grab the next memory card.

Make your way to the checkpoint and grab onto the helicopter, they will take you to a new base to retrieve the final memory card. Take cover from the assault and use the Grappling Hook to pull the soldiers from the turrets.

You'll find triggered explosives behind the SAMs next to the health refill station.

Place the explosives on the SAMs and hold the right trigger to detonate.

With the SAM's taken care of, the helicopter can now land. Use the grappling hook to get onto the chopper! This will end the mission.