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Just Cause 2 Walkthrough Agency Mission 6 - A Just Cause

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From the helicopter, parachute into the oil field.

Take out the soldiers on the main deck so you wont get shot as you..

...hijack the helicopter above.

Hack the gate control to get inside the submarine.

"The Rocket Launcher is bigger than Baby Panay, but don't let that fool you -- he will fire off rockets at you any chance he gets.

Take out the Ninjas before you focus on shooting Baby Panay.

Hide behind the balcony so he cant get a clear shot of you and aim for his head.

Shoot Baby Panay so you can focus on disarming the missiles.

Disarm the Missiles one by one.

Use the stunt jump to get to each targeting computer. There will then be a cutscene which will end the mission.