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Just Cause 2 Walkthrough Agency Mission 4 - Mountain Rescue

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As you approach the base you'll be shot down by missiles so be prepared to bail. Follow the marker on the map to find each Vent Station. Use the Grappling Hook to get there quickly.

There are a lot of soldiers roaming around each Vent Station but...'ll only need to take out the ones that pose a threat.

Use Triggered Explosives to destroy the Vent Stations quickly and conserve ammo.

Snipers can be a hassle, but also easily avoidable if you quickly make your way into each vent station.

One of the Vent Stations is high upon a cliff, so use to Grappling Hook to quickly make your way there.

Take care of the hostile soldiers with the Grappling Hook when need be.

Follow the marker to the entrance of the base.

The Grappling Hook is useless against these sneaky ninjas.

Fire away with the Assault Rifle to kill each one of the Ninjas -- use the metal crates as cover.

"Parachute down towards the escaping vehicles.

Get into the truck and chase down the escaping truck.

When close enough, grapple onto the escaping vehicle.

Take out the ninjas guarding the truck then...

...enter the truck to complete the mission!