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Just Cause 2 Walkthrough Agency Mission 3 - The White Tiger

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Use the boat to quickly get to the Gambler's Den.

Take out all the guards in and around the Den -- an Assault Rifle will come in handy for this section.

You can use the Grappling Hook to pull the Snipers from the towers, or...

...if you're feeling brave, shoot them from the towers.

Grab the Walkie-Talkie to notify the guards that the execution can move forward.

Use the Sniper Rifle to take care of the executioner.

Protect Ken Pang at all costs.

Ride the motorcycle and follow Ken Pang until... run into an ambush. Take out the thugs and protect Ken Pang!

Grapple to a high location and Snipe the Colonel.

Hijack the hostile chopper and...

...pilot it to the beacon destination.

Use the Mounted Gun to protect Sheldon as you work your way through the compound. There will be a cutscene and after that, the mission will be completed.