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Agency Mission 1 - Welcome to Panau

After a short cutscene, jump out of the chopper. Navigate through the air to grab your PDA from Marshall. After parachuting to the mountain, use the Grappling Hook to pull down soldiers from ledges and from afar.

You're objective is to pick up the lost memory cards scattered around the mountain base. Memory Cards will be easy to find by using the on-screen radar.

One of the memory cards will be picked up by the soldier. Take out the solider to grab the next memory card.

Make your way to the checkpoint and grab onto the helicopter, they will take you to a new base to retrieve the final memory card. Take cover from the assault and use the Grappling Hook to pull the soldiers from the turrets.

You'll find triggered explosives behind the SAMs next to the health refill station.

Place the explosives on the SAMs and hold the right trigger to detonate.

With the SAM's taken care of, the helicopter can now land. Use the grappling hook to get onto the chopper! This will end the mission.

Agency Mission 2 - Casino Bust

The beginning of this mission is pretty straight forward. You will encounter a handful of soldiers who are blocking your way to the Casino. Once you kill the soldiers, you will be prompted to disarm the Breaching Charges on the Casino. Here you will have to use the Grappling Hook to scale up the side of the building, so simply aim upwards and Grapple onto the side of the building.

Input the disarming sequence to take care of the Breaching Charges.

When the helicopter comes, use the Grappling Hook to latch onto the helicopter and take out the pilot.

When you grapple onto the helicopter, you will be in control. Shoot down the enemy chopper to proceed to the next area. From here you will want to exit the copter and parachute down to the walkway between the casino buildings. Drop into the walk way and let the cut scene run.

Utilize the Grappling Hook to remove the car from the ditch. Then get on it and let Karl drive.

Soldiers will be coming after you in cars, aim for the tires on the oncoming vehicles.

Once you finish up this scene you will complete the mission and be able to roam Panau freely.

Agency Mission 3 - The White Tiger

Use the boat to quickly get to the Gambler's Den.

Take out all the guards in and around the Den -- an Assault Rifle will come in handy for this section.

You can use the Grappling Hook to pull the Snipers from the towers, or...

...if you're feeling brave, shoot them from the towers.

Grab the Walkie-Talkie to notify the guards that the execution can move forward.

Use the Sniper Rifle to take care of the executioner.

Protect Ken Pang at all costs.

Ride the motorcycle and follow Ken Pang until...

...you run into an ambush. Take out the thugs and protect Ken Pang!

Grapple to a high location and Snipe the Colonel.

Hijack the hostile chopper and...

...pilot it to the beacon destination.

Use the Mounted Gun to protect Sheldon as you work your way through the compound. There will be a cutscene and after that, the mission will be completed.

Agency Mission 4 - Mountain Rescue

As you approach the base you'll be shot down by missiles so be prepared to bail. Follow the marker on the map to find each Vent Station. Use the Grappling Hook to get there quickly.

There are a lot of soldiers roaming around each Vent Station but...

..you'll only need to take out the ones that pose a threat.

Use Triggered Explosives to destroy the Vent Stations quickly and conserve ammo.

Snipers can be a hassle, but also easily avoidable if you quickly make your way into each vent station.

One of the Vent Stations is high upon a cliff, so use to Grappling Hook to quickly make your way there.

Take care of the hostile soldiers with the Grappling Hook when need be.

Follow the marker to the entrance of the base.

The Grappling Hook is useless against these sneaky ninjas.

Fire away with the Assault Rifle to kill each one of the Ninjas -- use the metal crates as cover.

"Parachute down towards the escaping vehicles.

Get into the truck and chase down the escaping truck.

When close enough, grapple onto the escaping vehicle.

Take out the ninjas guarding the truck then...

...enter the truck to complete the mission!

Agency Mission 5 - Three Kings

Parachute down to the hotel roof and throw a couple explosives as Zhangs way as he makes his way down the steps.

Detonate the explosives and..

... Zhang will go flying.

Air Sheldon will take you to the next building.

Aim for the Mounted Gun and chuck Triggered Explosives at the Russian.

Use the stairs for cover.

No Air Sheldon this time, so jump off the building to make your way to Washio's Suite.

Grapple up the side of the building and get ready to mow down some guards.

Toss Frag Grenades at the door to blow them open.

Stand on top of the stage and the incoming missiles will take care of the Japanese ex-general. This will end the mission.

Agency Mission 6 - Into the Den

Make your way to the next checkpoint.

Sweep and clean through the canyon, kill all enemies in your path.

Toss some Triggered Explosives onto to the AA-Gun.

Make your way back to the Black Mesa Research Facility.

There are two of these guys, so use the Sniper Rifle from behind cover to take them out.

The unmanned turrets are not much of a threat if you approach them from the side.

Make your way to the enterance panel and wait for the engineers to come.

Run across the top floor to find Baby Panay in the back.

Use the roof as cover in the Chopper fight.

Taking the Chopper head on like this is not advised unless you have a fully upgraded weapon.

Clear out the courtyard of soldiers before accessing the console.

Hack the console only when you've cleared out all the enemies.

Make a run for it before the whole Den explodes.

Agency Mission 6 - A Just Cause

From the helicopter, parachute into the oil field.

Take out the soldiers on the main deck so you wont get shot as you..

...hijack the helicopter above.

Hack the gate control to get inside the submarine.

"The Rocket Launcher is bigger than Baby Panay, but don't let that fool you -- he will fire off rockets at you any chance he gets.

Take out the Ninjas before you focus on shooting Baby Panay.

Hide behind the balcony so he cant get a clear shot of you and aim for his head.

Shoot Baby Panay so you can focus on disarming the missiles.

Disarm the Missiles one by one.

Use the stunt jump to get to each targeting computer. There will then be a cutscene which will end the mission.

The Reapers - Stronghold Takeover Mission 1: Rocket Science

Use the grappling hook to get over the gate, and then punch in the access code to allow The Reapers into the facility.

Hijacking helicopters is one of the easiest ways to deal with them, although...

...shooting them down can be a lot of fun as well.

Equipping yourself with a Sniper Rifle before the mission will make taking out the mounted gunners very easy.

This is one method to take out the Mounted Gunners -- you can also use the Grappling Hook to pull them from the weapon.

Man the mounted gun and defend the technician. When the technician is done, the missison will be over.

The Reapers - Stronghold Takeover Mission 2: Chemical Compound

Use the Sniper Rifle to stay out of harms way and pick off soldiers one by one. Then use the grappling hook to get over the gate. And disable gate control.

You could use the Grappling Hook here but sometimes it's more fun to go for the headshot.

Destroy the Fuel Depots to take care of soldiers and conserve your ammo.

The wooden crates are useless in providing cover -- use the metal crates instead.

Let it rip on the incoming vehicles.

Grapple onto the chopper and hijack it to complete the mission.

To get 100% score on the mission, use the helicopter to cause havoc.

The Reapers - Stronghold Takeover Mission 3: A Second Ammendment

You're safe from long range, so zoom in for the headshot and take out the soldier with the Rocket Launcher. When the soldiers are dead, open the door for the reapers to get in.

se the right side of the buildings as cover and take out the Mounted Gunner and also..

...the Sniper.

The Mounted Gunner will rip right through these crates and oil barrels so this isn't the best place to run for cover. Use the pillars to your left for cover instead.

The Mounted Gun will tear right through the incoming trucks and make quick work of the soldiers as well.

Aim for the top of the roof to finish off the Stronghold Commander. This will end the mission.

The Reapers - Faction Mission 1: Ups and Downs

Your objective is to destroy the Bio Fuel Shaft.

Make your way down to the ground floor one level at a time.

Punch in the code to overload the system.

Then get back to the surface as quickly as possible to see the explosion. This will end the mission.

The Reapers - Faction Mission 2: Slippin' and Sliding

Use one of the vehicles at the top of the hill to make it down to the doctor. Take out the soldiers who are firing at the doctor.

Hijack their vehicle and hightail it down the mountain.

Take out the first wave of soldiers near the hotel entrance.

Use the Grappling Hook to take care of the soldiers with rocket launchers. When finished killing all of the soldiers, the mission will come to an end.

The Roaches - Stronghold Takeover Mission 1: Free Trade

Grapple your way to the other side of the gate. Then punch in the code to let The Roaches in.

Use the Grappling Hook to pull down the Sniper, or Grapple your way to the tower to fight him head on.

Use the Grappling Hook to pull the Mounted Gunner from the weapon -- this is the most effective way of dealing with him

Man the mounted gun to protect the technician.

You can detach the mounted gun to destroy the chopper, but if you want to use it for your own, you'll want to hijack it instead using the Grappling Hook. After taking care of the stronghold commander, the mission will be over.

The Roaches - Stronghold Takeover Mission 2: Oil For Blood

Armored Trucks are no match for a couple grenades and your Assault Rifle.

Continue escorting the technician through the refinary, killing all enemies

The enemies will come at you from all directions.

Hijack the Stronghold Commanders helicopter to complete the mission.

The Roaches - Stronghold Takeover Mission 3: Paradise Valley

After you pull the soldier from the Mounted Gun, you can detach it and use it for yourself. The Snipers can shoot you through the trees, and it will be hard to get a clear shot at them, so just use the Grappling Hook to take them out.

"Use the boulders and walls on the side of the hill to protect you from the rockets and take care of this soldier from close range.

"Rockets to the left and Health to the Right. You'll need both of these to clear this mission.

"Focus on destroying just one of the trucks to make the Stronghold Commander come out of hiding.

"Hijack the chopper to easily destroy structures in Panau to cause Chaos which will give you more money from the mission. After hijacking the chopper, the mission will be over.

The Roaches - Faction Mission 1: The Red One or the Blue One

Grapple your way to each marker on the map. Take out the guards before disarming each bomb.

Use the Grappling Hook to take out the Sniper on the third bomb.

You'll have to Grapple between buildings...

"...to make it to the final bomb in time.

Beware of the explosives before attempting to disarm the final bomb. After disarming all 4 bombs, the mission will be over.

The Roaches - Faction Mission 2: Mile High Club

Using the Grappling Hook to hijack the chopper then the mission will be over.

Bail out of the helicopter and parachute down to the top deck.

The guards will fire at you as soon as you try to access the laptop.

Hack the laptop and wait for the download to complete.

Get to the entrance to disarm the bomb.

You'll have to shoot the bomb from it's mountings to complete the mission.

Ular Boys - Stronghold Takeover Mission 1: Power Surge

Use the Grappling Hook to make your way to the other side of the gate. Punch in the access code to allow the Ular Boys in.

Using the Grappling Hook is the most effective way to take out the soldier equipped with a Rocket Launcher.

Use the Grappling Hook to pull down the Sniper and pick up the Sniper Rifle.

"The Sniper Rifle will make quick work of the Mounted Gunner. Boom! Headshot.

Using the Mounted Gun is the best way to take out the soldiers and Stronghold Commander. Once the Stronghold Commander is dead, the mission will be completed.

Ular Boys - Stronghold Takeover Mission 2: Pilgrimage

Use the over the shoulder shot for improved accuracy.

Use the grappling hook on the sniper.

A couple grenades will take out the Armored Trucks.

Use the boulders and walls on either side of the hill to protect yourself from incoming fire.

Use the mounted machine gun to kill the soldirers with parachutes.

Hijack the chopper with the grappling hook and kill the stronghold commander to end the mission.

Ular Boys - Stronghold Takeover 3: Boys With Toys

Once over the gate, shoot the fuel trucks to destory all the enemy soldiers at once.

If the enemies are in towers, save your energy and pull them down to you instead of you going to them.

Hack into the security door so the technician can enter.

Use the large boulder as cover and pull the Snipers down from the towers.

Use the grapple on the sniper to kill him.

Kill the mounted gunner with the grapple.

Defend the technician and kill the stronghold commander.. again.. to end the mission.

Ular Boys - Faction Mission 1: Shakedown

Get into a helicopter.

This is a very easy and straightforward mission, in this Faction Mission you'll have to chase a convoy of Vans and destroy each one. After destroying all the vans. The mission will be over.

Ular Boys - Faction Mission 2: Fry Me To The Moon

Destroy the three satellites one by one.

"Using the chopper is the quickest method but take out the surrounding SAMs first so you aren't shot down.

After destroying all 3 satellites there will be a fourth one. Forget the guards and grapple your way to the jet.

Pilot the jet to the Satellite and..

..shoot it down before it escapes the atmosphere. Congratulations you have completed JC2!!!