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Welcome to Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days walkthrough. Click "Next Page" to begin your first chapter of the walkthrough. :)

Chapter 1 - Welcom to Shanghai

The first scene where you can move your character. You'll be playing as Lynch. Now, move forward your character.

Go upstairs.

Kick the door. Press the keys as shown in the game.

After the short scene, now it's time to chase Brady but more importantly, your health.

Keep chasing him and take cover if someone shooting at you.

Kick the door and continue.

Enter the room to the right.

Then go upstairs.

Kick the door to the left and kick another door.

After kicked the second door, be prepared to take cover.

Don't worry about chasing that guy. Just eliminate all enemies here before proceed.

Whatever you do, shooting or anything, you can slow down that man or even catch him. So, keep chasing him. :D

When you reached here, starting now you have to be more careful because more enemies here. Sometimes they hide until you move out from the cover.

Take any weapons you like. You can only hold two weapons at a time.

Take cover and eliminate all enemies here.

Just do the same like before.

When the area cleared, follow this way.

Follow the instruction on screen.

Then, take cover here and do your things toc lear this area.

Continue to chase him and as always, take cover when needed.

"When the guy not shooting, move forward to get near him as close as possible. If you close enough (about 5 meters far), a short scene will start, indicate the end of this mission. :)

Chapter 2 - The Details

Mission started. This is how it looks like.

Once you can control the your player, quickly find place to take cover.

Then, try to find nearby enemies and kill them. You should clear the way as long you stay away from taking too much damage.

When the area cleared, the car will move. Follow that car because your job still not done here.

Kill those riders.

Next task is get Glazer out from the car. You should kill nearby enemy before getting him out. Try not to give enemy any chance to shoot you or Glazer.

Grab Glazer out from the car and protect him.

Clear this area before proceed.

Go into the parking lot. Just follow Glazer, he will lead you to the place.

Go to the second floor of the parking lot.

Police will come after you. Take cover and clear the area.

Tip: Use fire extinguisher to quickly kill the enemies.

After this area cleared, move to the room right here.

Lift the door and proceed to the next area.

Just clear the area.

Then, clear this room.

Move forward. If you enter the room to the left, it will lead you to the area before.

Kill them all.

Clear this area and get inside the van. :D [END OF CHAPTER 2]

Chapter 3 - Blood, Sweat and Tears

Firstly, follow that bald guy. :P

After this, you will take place for the main role. So wait him (the bald guy) to die. XD

BANG! Now he's dead.

Kill all enemies here.

Enter here.

Go upstairs.

Keep going until you reach here. Follow the instruction on screen and clear the area.

Now you're here? Then it's the right way. Keep going.

Quite many enemies here. So, keep calm and eliminate all enemies okay? :D

Then, enter here.

Lift the door to proceed to the next area.

Prepare your weapons and keep shooting!

If you shoot it right, there are nothing to worry about.

If you keep going here, you will be in loop. You need to find a door to be kicked.

Like this door. The door wants you to kick it. XD

Lift the door and proceed to the next area.

When you reach this area. Find this door and *kick* .

Just watch the short scene.

Now, go upstairs.

You have no choice, you have to kill them all to win the mission.

Continously shoot the van. Don't let it get away.

Proceed to the next area by kicking this door.

Clear this area.

Open this door. Then, keep going but be careful there are few police guarding this area.

Just move along the path. Finally, climb this wall to end this mission. [END OF CHAPTER 3]

Chapter 4 - Laying Low

Swat team ambushed you! Now it's time to counter-attack.

Clear this area first.

Here, there is a fire extinguisher. Try to use that.

Then proceed until you find a door. Just kick it!

Proceed with caution. Ready to shoot.

Open this door.

Just move along the way.

You can use the stairs to the left or straight to fight the enemies in the next area.

Then, move into this room.

And lift this door.

Just move here. Be careful when you see police car.

At some point, police will come after you. Kill all of them.

Enter this building.

Then, climb the wall.

Take the stairs and jump down to the new area.

Move through here.

Clear this area.

There is a sniper upstairs. Take his weapon.

Then, go down here.

Go upstairs and kill two enemy snipers using the sniper you got before.

Go back down and clear this area.

Go here and climb the fence. [END OF CHAPTER 4]

Chapter 5 - Coming Home

First of all, you have to sneak. But the enemy will find out later. So just play like normal. :)

Just run and take out this man.

Then, eliminate the remaining enemies.

Open the door.

Go upstairs.

Now you have to be careful. Take cover and kill all enemies here.

Go upstairs again.

Same like before, clear this area.

Then, open this door to proceed to the next area.

In this floor, enemy will attack you from the other side. So find a safe place to take cover and kill them.

Enter this room.

In this area, you have to clear all the enemies here.

Kill anyone near Xiu.

When Xiu run away, that cant see her anywhere here. Then you should move on. Enter the next room.

Get out here.

Clear this area.

Once all enemies killed. A short scene will be played. [END OF CHAPTER 5]

Chapter 6 - A Thousand Cuts

You start the mission in naked. Owh man. XD

Enter the room to the left.

Run here and enter the room to the right. You will find Kane there and Lynch's wife.

After the scene, go back and you will find this door. Lift it.

Go upstairs.

Go here and you have to sneak to the end of the way.

Make your way through here.

Go through the path to the right.

Lift this door.

Take his gun and clear this area.

Go here.

Then, clear this area.

Enter the print shop.

Lift the door.

After the short scene. Continue your mission. Clear this area.

There is a door on your right. Later, go there and proceed.

Be careful. Always find a place to take cover and clear this area.

Just eliminate all enemies out here. Once everyone dead, the mission ends. [END OF CHAPTER 6]

Chapter 7 - The Deal

One thing to do first, take cover!

Clear this area before proceed. As you can see, your ammo is limited. So, you have to move to grab nearby enemy weapon to keep alive.

Once the area cleared, go upstairs.

Go down here.

Lift this door.

Keep moving forward.

There will be few enemies here. You know what to do with them.

Go here and be careful, there are enemies nearby.

Open this door to proceed.

Go through here and prepare your weapon.

At the end of the path, there is a door to the right that you have to enter.

Afther the cut scene, enemies will come after you. Defend yourself and clear the area.

Go downstairs and move here.

Again. Do your thing here.

After all the hard fight, now it's time to get out. Open the door in front to end this mission. [END OF CHAPTER 7]

Chapter 8 - Out of Shanghai

Firstly, you will start right here.

Keep going.

Go through here and turn left.

Open this door.

Clear this area.

Get out from the building and move here.

When you enter the building, more enemies will come. But this time there are two gunners. Find a safe way to eliminate them and take his gun. You'll love it.

Move through here.

Open this door.

Try to sneak and eliminate all enemies.

Take out that sniper.

Clear this area and proceed.

Then, open this door.

Another gunners. Be careful and clear this path.

Quickly kill all enemies here. You have to get into the train.

Run toward the train. When you close enough, a short scene will start. [END OF CHAPTER 8]

Chapter 9 - Airstrike

This time, you gonna fight in a helicopter! Prepare your gun and keep it fully loaded.

All the police and soldiers are not so important to be killed. The most important is the rocket guy. Kill him first before anything. You can identify him by the distance showed above his head.

Do not let they blow your helicopter.

Now you're fighting with helicopters. Just take cover and attack it. It takes for a while to destroy it.

Then, continue your job to defend the heli.

Another one heli to be destroyed. Just do the same like before.

When the heli destroyed, your heli also destroyed. That's the end of the mission. [END OF CHAPTER 9]

Chapter 10 - Resurrection

This is how you start this mission.

Find a way to take human shield and grab his gun.

Sniper. Be careful.

Clear this area and enter the door to the right.

Yeah, this door.

Now, clear this area.

Keep going until you reach here. Then, keep going again through the path in front.

Enter this elevator.

Keep going. Don't bother the heli. Just avoid the attacks. You need machine gun to destroy the heli.

A gunner! Nice. Find your way to get his gun.

Revenge is sweet! :D

When this area cleared, go here and continue.

Just keep going up.

Few enemies will block your way and you should kill them.

Go up and continue your mission.

Now, clear the second floor.

Go here.

Kick and kick through doors. You will reach here. Then, kill all enemies here.

Now, hold here and clear the path.

So much enemies here.

Next, go through the path here. Both left and right lead to the same door.

Open this door to end this mission. [END OF CHAPTER 10]

Chapter 11 - One Way Ticket

Welcome to your last mission.

Keep moving forward.

Take cover and eliminate all enemies.

Now, go through here.

Then, clear this area.

Enter this path again, but not path before. This is new that looks like same.

If you reached here, then turn back, go straight, turn right and left. :D

If there is a green exit sign, then you in the right way. Both right and left lead you to exit.

Now, climb up here.

Clear this area.

Then, lift this door.

Go down here.

Kick this door.

Then, kick another door. XD

Clear this area.

When all cleared, go to the door to the right.

Lift this door and keep going.

There will be few enemies here. Take out all of them.

Then, go to this door with the green sign. Ready your weapon.

Now, let's clear this area. Ok? :P

Enter this area with the green sign above. Then lift the door.

Now you have to be quick. You need to catch the plane before it start moving.

Kill all enemies in your way.

Beware of dogs!

Just go straight to the stairs. The cut scene will starts and you're safely fly out from China. Congratulations. You have beat the game!! :D