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L.A. Noire - DLC Cases Walkthrough A Slip of the Tongue

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Your captain will inform you of a stolen vehicle that has been spotted. Leave the station and head for the mission marker.

When you get to marker the car that you're after will pull out of the driveway. Chase after him and knock the car off of the road.

Even if you don't catch him the car will eventually get blocked by more police cars. Once he stops, leave your car and approach the car.

He'll show you the paperwork for the car. Check the slip all the way to the bottom, then return it to Harrison. Now question Harrison.

1. Vehicle Reported as Stolen - Truth 2. Motive for Flight - Doubt 3. Vehicle Purchase Detail - Truth

Climb back to your car and head over to Coombs Automotive Company. When you get there approach the man who's gonna start talking as soon as you get there.

Follow Coombs inside his office and examine the pink slip and deed of sale that he'll hand you. You'll then need to question him.

1. Details of Transaction - Truth 2. Description of Suspect - Truth 3. Check Payment Details - Doubt 4. Suspicious Transaction - Doubt

Leave Coombs' office and head out of the lot, then turn left to find a police phone. Before going to the Central Police Station, head over to the address for Jean Archer first, you're gonna need it for questioning Belasco.

When you get to the police station, speak to the desk sergeant then head to interrogation room 2 to speak with Belasco.

1. Stolen Auto Courier - Doubt 2. Association with Jean Archer - Lie/Evidence - Fake Address 3. Auto Theft Racket - Doubt 4. Stolen Vehicle Warehoused - Doubt

Leave the interrogation room and head out the police station. The desk sergeant will call your attention, head over to the mission marker after talking to him.

1. Stolen Kaiser Fraizer - Doubt 2. Association with Belasco - Lie/Evidence - Stolen Auto Courier 3. Stolen Auto Courier - Doubt

Leave Central and head for the Marquee Printing Company. Enter the building and speak to the man behind the counter.

1. Knowledge of Theft Racket - Doubt 2. Pink Slip Supply - Doubt 3. Coombs Auto Delivery - Doubt

Now follow Leitvol to the side of the counter and check the ledger that he'll give you. Open the ledger and point to any S.Bigelow entry.

Leave Marquee and head for 58 Industrial Street. The place where the cars are supposed to be housed.

Enter the warehouse and clean out the goons that are hiding inside. Make sure to pick up a heavier gun from the trunk of your car before entering.

Once you've cleared the warehouse, head up the stairs and into the office. Check the desk behind the man to find a box of pink slips.

On the desk right in front of the door is a delivery receipt from the Marquee company as well as some betting slips marked with Leitvol's name. Now talk to Bigelow.

1. Pink Slip Supply - Doubt 2. Association with Leitvol - Lie/Evidence - Delivery Ledger

Now head back to the Marquee Printing Company and speak to him one last time.

1. Deliveries to Industrial Slips - Lie/Evidence - Betting Slips. You'll be able to arrest him afterwards.