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L.A. Noire - DLC Cases Walkthrough Nicholson Electroplating

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This case is the most fun and disappointing case in the entire game. As soon as the case starts you're gonna have to chase after and kill 2 men.

After chasing them you'll automatically be sent to the blast site. Approach Mal to start a cutscene, then check the bodies that are beside Mal.

Head towards the mayor and turn left before you pass him, follow the path and turn right on the first corner, then turn right again and you'll find a cop. Examine the metal object that he's looking at.

Now head back to the first right you took and continue down the path. You'll find a destroyed shirt with a laundry tag on it.

Proceed further down the path and examine the locker. Inside the case examine the bell item, the metallic object, the card and the paper strip.

To solve the cypher line up K on the outer ring and N on the smaller ring. Now move back to the outer ring and start spinning it to every letter after K that's on the newspaper. Meaning turn the dial to KSBOJ... etc.

You have everything you need from the site now. Leave the area and head for the entrance of the place, you'll meet the owner of the building.

1. Nicholson Plant Explosion - Doubt 2. Whereabouts of Akomoto - Lie/Evidence - Spy Camera 3. Whereabouts of McLellan - Doubt

Now leave the area and head for the deciphered address that you got off of the suitcase. Use the phone first, then head for the mailbox on the side of the stairs to check for Akamoto's address.

Enter Akamoto's apartment and open the fridge as soon as you get inside. Now examine the corpse's head, left arm and right arm.

Go over to the fireplace and you'll find something shinning on the floor just in front of it. Examine the glinting object to find a tie clip.

Then head inside the bedroom and you'll find another glinting item on top of the shelf near the sink to find the earring match. You'll find a film strip inside.

Nothing else to do there so head for the Superior Laundry Services. The clerk will give you a book look for the name Oscar Hangstrom.

Leave the laundry and use the police phone at the opposite side of the street. Now head to Hughes Aircraft, then follow Mapes inside the building and question him.

1. Nicholson Plant Explosion - Doubt 2. Knowledge of Akamoto - Doubt 3. Knowledge of McLellan - Lie/Evidence - Prop Spinner

After speaking to Mapes climb up the stairs nearest to where you are and enter the first door on the right to enter Mapes' office.

Inside the office head to the desk on the far side of the room and examine the photos of women on top of it.

Leave Mapes' office and head down to the airplane. Walk towards the front and examine the barrels on the side of the stairs leading up to the plane interior.

Climb up the stairs beside the barrels and use the ladder to enter the plane's cockpit. Examine the coordinates on the pin up board where the blueprint is and use it on the navigation system to the right.

Now climb back down, head towards the lower right corner of the hangar. Approach the 3 engines there and open up the one at the middle to find some oil inside.

Leave the hangar and head back to Central. Go down to the bottom and speak to Ray, he'll have a lot of evidence for you.

On the magnifying glass: 2nd photo, zoom in on the watch at the man's left hand. 3rd photo, zoom in on Mapes' necktie clip. 4th picture, zoom in on the upper right side of the picture. 5th picture, zoom in on the 2 guys. 6th picture, zoom in on the door number.

Now you'll have to play Ray's minigame. Drop 1 drop each of the bottles in front of you to cause an explosion.

Before you leave Ray's office, head for the magnifying glass and go to the desk behind the one you were using earlier. Use the magnifying glass there to find a blow up of the thumb print.

Leave the police station and head for the address on the photograph. The door is open so head inside.

Inside you'll find a gas canister on the floor. Examine it.

Now go towards the foot of the bed and you'll find a passport as well as an airline ticket.

A fire will then start inside the house. Shoot the gas tank by the stove to create a path for you to exit from.

Now follow Biggs to the window and escape through there. You'll find Mapes outside, who seems to have started the fire.

Chase him all the way to Hughes Aircraft where you'll have to gun down all of his men and apprehend him.

Quick tip, make sure to take a machine gun from the trunk of your car before you proceed inside the hangar. You're gonna shoot down a lot of them and having the extra range will help a lot.

After the shoot out the mission will end and with that the last of the DLC cases.