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L.A. Noire - DLC Cases Walkthrough The Consul's Car

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After the briefing head to your crime scene and speak to the officer that's on the scene.

Check the driver's side of the car to find a registration slip for the car.

Now examine the Argentinian flag on the driver's side. You must examine it from that side, if you examine it from the passenger side you'll just go on an endless loop of wrong items.

Examine the missing license plate at marker B.

Look at the passenger side of the vehicle to find that the tires have been stolen.

Finally to the northeastern part of the car you'll find a combination wrench with a company logo.

Now talk to the old man who's sitting on a bench in the blue house nearby.

1. Witness Report - Truth 2. Hispanic Suspects - Doubt 3. Possible Suspect Vehicle - Truth 4. Vehicle Stripped of Parts - Doubt

After speaking to Mr. Jacobs, climb up the porch and examine the notebook on the bench, then use the police phone to get more leads.

Leave the crime scene and head for the Central Police Station. Talk to the desk sergeant and enter interrogation room 2 to speak to Valdez.

1. Packard Purchase History - Doubt 2. Theft of Consular Car - Doubt 3. Association with 'Gabriel' - Lie/Evidence - Valdez's Notebook

Leave the station and head for the Dewey Bros Dealership. The man in the blue suit will come and greet you. Follow him into the garage.

Arrange the combination wrenches by color and size to find that Gabriel Del Gado is missing one 3/4 wrench. Go back outside and talk to Dewey.

1. Association with Valdez - Lie/Evidence - Valdez's Notebook 2. Whereabouts of Del Gado - Doubt 3. Wrench Used in Auto Theft - Doubt

Leave Dewey's shop and head for Del Gado's Residence. Check the scattered mail inside to find which room is Del Gado's then head up there.

You're gonna search the house after meeting Gabriel's girlfriend. Check the table on the left side of the couch to find the missing Argentinian flag.

Enter the kitchen and examine the dining table, then head out through the door right behind the chair and head down the stairs.

Enter the shed on the right side, then examine the black license plate and the white packard tires on the opposite side of the table. Now go back inside and question Ms. Rodriguez.

1. Motive for Auto Theft - Truth 2. Last Contact with Gabriel - Breakfast Plates 3. Diplomatic Plates Recovered - Doubt

Leave the apartment and head for the Illegal Street Race. If you can find a faster and better car than the police service car, that would be good.

Chase Del Gado and wreck any vehicle that tries to get in your way. Knock his car down by bashing it on the sides when you get close enough.

Once you've wrecked his vehicle you might need to chase him, unless you're get off of your car fast enough to catch him. Once you've caught him the case will be closed.