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L.A. Noire - DLC Cases Walkthrough Reefer Madness

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After getting your mission from the lieutenant, exit Central and get down to Lymans. Head for the back room and talk to the man wearing a blue shirt.

Now that you have your information from the guy, head down to Juan Cruz's house and duke it out with the guys that will shoot at you from the window. You just made yourself a crime scene.

Check the body right in front of you and check his left pocket for the silver dollar and the right pocket for his wallet and ID.

On top of the box beside Mal you'll find a small notepad with the word "Masangkay" written on it.

Near the door leading to the kitchen there's an unopened box of Parnell's soup. Examine them to gain a clue.

Enter the room on the right side and you'll find a newspaper with an advertisement from Parnell's soup company.

Leave the house and enter the shed right in front of the house's back door. Check the cans on the second column from the left and examine the second can from the left to open the secret door.

Inside the room examine the can opener that's attached on the stud and open the can of Parnell's soup to find some drugs inside.

Now turn left and examine the ledger on the table. Point to the deliveries made by an E.J. to gain your updates. You have everything you need from this place now.

Get back in your car and head for Parnell's soup factory, then talk to the receptionist when you get there and follow her up the stairs into Parnell's office.

Talk to Parnell and he'll give you a list of his employees. Look for the name "Jorge Garcia Cruz" and point to it then start questioning Parnell.

1. Factory Sealed Soup Cans - Doubt 2. Panell's Soup Company - Doubt 3. Knowledge of Cruz Brothers - Doubt 4. Inside Man Jorge Garcia - Truth

Parnell will then show you around his factory. Follow him around until he stops and talks to Sergio Rojas, then examine the ledger on the table. Point to the '20th Century Market'.

Talk to Sergio afterwards and examine the silver dollar that he's gonna give you. You then need to interrogate him.

1. Factory Sealed Soup Cans - Doubt 2. 20th Century Market - Lie/Evidence - Juan's Silver Dollar

Now leave the factory and head for the 20th Century Market for your next lead.

The clerk will of course attempt to escape from you in which you need to chase the man down and examine the bag of weed that he'll give you and another silver dollar as well as his wallet and ID. Time for questioning.

1. Knowledge of E.J. - Lie/Evidence - Airto's Silver Dollar 2. Parnell's Soup Shipment - Doubt 3. Juan and Jorge Cruz - Truth. You'll automatically be taken back to Parnell's factory afterwards.

Before you raid the factory, head for the trunk of your car and pull out the machine gun. There's a lot of them inside making this the ideal choice for sniping them.

Follow the policeman inside the room and examine the wallet in the corpse's front pocket and the silver dollar in his hand.

Now leave the room and head for the boxes right in front of it. Open the box to find the Marijuana shipment. After checking the boxes another police officer will call your attention.

Follow him upstairs and check the body of the man wearing a brown shirt. Examine the money bundle on his left hand and the silver dollar in his front pocket.

Roy will show you the silver dollars that you've been picking up. Arrange them in a way that they spell out "Masangkay Metals"

Head for Masangkay Metals and takedown the the goons that are hiding inside and catch the mastermind of the whole dope ring.