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L.A. Noire - DLC Cases Walkthrough The Naked City

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Leave Central and head for the crime scene, you'll meet Bakowsky and Galloway inside. They'll inform you of what they already have on the victim.

In the living room there are 3 photos on top of the drawer. Examine and investigate the picture at the middle to find a hidden message behind it.

Now head inside the bathroom and Mal will inform you of his finding. Now examine the body, first up is the head. Then examine her left arm and her right arm.

Leave the bathroom and enter the bedroom right beside it. Examine the jacket that's hanging from the divider.

Examine the pills at the foot of the bed, then examine the pill box on top of the nightstand and examine it further to find the prescription.

1. Victim's State of Mind - Lie/Evidence - Sleeping Pills 2. Victim's Personal Life - Lie/Evidence - Men's Smoking Jacket 3. Relationship with Victim - Doubt

Now head down stairs and as you descend the stairs check the trash bin near the fork leading outside. You'll find some used Morphine inside it.

Leave the crime scene and head for Dr. Stoneman's Practice. Enter the building and check the listings on the right side to find the office number, then go there.

Enter the office and speak to Stoneman's secretary. She'll send you inside Stoneman's office and you'll have to question him.

1. Relationship with Victim - Lie/Evidence - Benzedrine Prescription 2. Additional Medication - Doubt 3.

Leave Stoneman's office and head for the victim's workplace, D'Assine Dress Store. Inside you'll be talking to the owner of the store.

1. Victim's Employment History - Truth. She'll then call over the victim's friend and you will talk to her next.

1. Relationship with Victim - Truth 2. Informed of 'Mr. Henderson' - Truth

Leave the store and use the police phone outside, then head to the Morgue and speak to Mal.

Approach the desk where Mal is standing and examine the harmonica on top of the table, then head to Central interrogation room 2 after getting the call about Henry.

1. Relationship with Victim - Doubt 2. Informed of 'Mr. Handerson' - Lie/Evidence - Housekeeper's Statement 3. Burglary Suspect Leblanc - Doubt

After the interview you'll have to go and tail Arnett around the city.

After tailing him on the car you'll have to stalk him more on foot. Then use the police phone after reuniting with Roy and head for Hollywood Ninth Beat.

Here you'll have to help the police officer chase and kill some suspects. He'll tell you the information that you need once you've helped him. Now head for Central.

At Central you'll have to point out some items on the contraband list. The Faberge Gold Cigarette Case, Black Sapphire Ring, Silver Pill Box and Pearl Ring.

Now get back in your car and head for the Everstrom Residence. You'll have to speak to the owner of the house afterwards.

1. List of Stolen Items - Lie/Evidence - Faberge Cigarette Case 2. Burglary Incident Report - Truth

Head for Arnett's place. Talk to the front desk and head up to the apartment number that he'll give you.

Some guy will be beating on Arnett when you get there. Chase him and search Arnett's apartment afterwards.

Examine the suitcase right beside the sofa and check the ticket to Mexico as well as the watch inside it. Now question Henry Arnett.

1. Professional Burglary Ring - Lie/Evidence - Faberge Cigarette Case 2. Motive for Randall Murder - Lie/Evidence - Train Ticket 3. Identity of 'Mr. Henderson' - Lie/Evidence - Contraband List

After putting Arnett behind bars, head for Stoneman's office. You'll get a call from KGPL afterwards. Head for the location that you've been given.

Chase the suspect up the rooftops and start shooting at him while he's climbing up the Broadway tower to end the case.