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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Walkthrough Bifrosty Reception

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"After reaching to the right location, you will be teleported to Bifrost (the vestibule of Asgard). Your trip will be very fast and lucrative - try to catch as many studs as you can (you can also obtain a minikit hidden here).

On the bridge you must defeat 20 frost giants, heading straight. When all the monsters are lying down, Loki will appear, stunning your superhero. Switch into another character and punch an enemy, so you can break the spell.

When villain is gone, use Human Torch abilities to melt an ice blockade located in front of you. When the gap on the gate is visible, throw Thor's hammer at it - in this way you will open the way to Asgard.

In new location you must fight with endless group of frost giants - they will appear very fast. The only way to stop them is to hurt Loki, standing at the slope behind the battlefield. Fly to him, so he can stun you - then choose another flying character and hit an enemy.

Wait for columns to collapse, then destroy all debris and build a stairs for the rest of the party. After that switch into Wolverine and turn right, sniffing around - you will uncover a sticky wall. Climb on the platform and use a claw switch to unlock a lift located right under it. Enter it and use Thor's electric powers to charge the battery, so you can move along.

In next location defeat all frost giants, then melt a golden monument with a fire beam. After that, build a shield switch from the debris and toss Captain's shield at it. When a lever appears, use it to uncover stairs to the upper floor.

Defeat a group of frost giants, then approach to Loki. When you are stunned again, switch into another character and punch an enemy to break the spell (as always). After that choose Wolverine and head to the gangway on the left, so you can smell it - you will uncover a pile of sand. Dig up some bricks from it, then build a claw switch from the debris and use it.

Switch to Thor and fly to the battery located above, then charge it with electricity - in this way you will turn the lift on.

Choose Wolverine and go to the upper floor, so you can sniff an area on the right side. Uncover the chip on the one of the monuments, then throw Thor's hammer at it. After that switch into Human Torch and melt golden head with your fire beam. Now you can build a fountain from the debris, allowing you to move forward.

Defeat all giants, then head to the right side of the location, jumping from the one flower to the another. Loki will appear in the new location, summoning some doppelgangers - use Wolverine's smell sense to uncover the real enemy, so you can hurt him (you will be stunned first, as always).

Wait for Loki to escape, then build a shield switch and toss Captain's shield at it. After that you can go to the arena, on which you will fight the God of Lies for the last time.

"During the fight with Loki you shouldn't bother yourself with frost giants - they will appear endlessly, so killing them will be a waste of time. What is much more important, you must break all objects in the area to gain bricks - they are necessary for building Captain America's panel in the centre of the room. Use it to reflect the fire beam from the Destroyer to Loki (see screen above).

Wait for an ice block to appear, then melt it with Human Torch and build another platform for Captain America from the debris. After that act in the same way as before - you must repeat all sequence for three times (in total).

In the last round, Loki will summon some doppelgangers - switch into Wolverine and sniff for the true enemy, then hit him. Now the fight is over.