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Left 4 Dead Walkthrough Dead Air-2: The Crane

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Open the door and go through the garage door.

Go up the sandhill and get on the fence.

Jump on the cardboard boxes then jump on the truck.

Go up the ladder from the truck up one staircase and jump and break this window tha't'll be to the left of the top of that one staircase you went up.

Take a left after going through this doorway.

Go up the stairs at the end of the hallway.

Take a right and go through the door on the wall ahead of you.

Go through the broken window that'll be on your left as you enter the room.

Enter the fence area and turn left. Jump on this pipe thing.

Then jump on the fence.

Now jump to the other fence.

Jump on the building to your right.

Cross the wooden plank.

Turn left so you're facing the cornor of the building.

Jump down to a branch of the tree that's below.

Now jump down to street level.

Enter this self storage building and go down the hall and the safe room will be on your right.