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Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events Walkthrough Part VIII : Restoring the Tomato Plants

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You'll be automatically switch to Klaus. Save your game now..

When you walk toward the fountain, Klaus will said something about watering the dried up plants.

There are two rooms in the greenhouse but the left one is inaccessible due to the broken switch.

Smash the crates to access the switch.

Open up the top cabinet to obtain the eyeball.

Read the fountain manual book on the table.

Open the door and jump down.

Beware of the crab.

Two more rats.

Set the fountain gages as shown.

Continue follow the waterway. There are two more crabs.

You'll come across a laddle leads to the another room which is inaccessible just now. Climb it.

Open the top cabinet and take the watering can.

Press the inner switch to open the bars.

Fill the watering can from the water fountain.

Look for the broken glass block. Smash it using the Smasher to collect an eyeball.

There are three tomato plants in this area. Water the plants and harvest the tomatoes. The first tomato plant..


and the third one..

Another tomato plant in the first room.

The last one will be in the room with the broken switch.

Cut-scene. The dinner is ready!