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Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events Walkthrough Part VI : Search for the Cookbook

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Keep walking then use the elevator located at the end of the corner.

Finally you've reach your destination! But there's one more problem -- how you're gonna get up to the balcony..

Find three books with a letter on them. You'll find one on the first bookshelf.

Another book written with a letter "F" on it.

The last one will be on the bookshelf at the corner of the library.

Go to the card catalog cabinet. Open the V, F and D drawer.

Once again the height of the bookshelves will be rearranged forming two sets of stairs. Climb on it to go to the first floor.

Enter the the first room. Break all the obstacles that are blocking your way and go to the next room.

Exit from the second room and keep going. It's very straightforward. There is an elevator at the second wing of the library.

On the second floor, find a lever at the end of the corner .

Use the bridge, jump over the gap.

Highlight the painting in the room, activate the switch then go through the hidden passage behind the bookshelf.

Climb up the ladder.

Smash the box to collect the letter "D".

Pull down the lever causing the bookshelves widely open. Go through it.

You've reach the third floor now.. (at last! :D)

The Cookbook is on the table but you can't approach it now.

You must step on these colorful shapes in a certain order.

As you can see there are five stained glass windows in colours that match the shapes. "A" is red.. "E" is violet..

"D" is yellow, "B" is orange and "C" is indigo..

Step on the colorful shapes in the alphabetical order! :)

Take the Cookbook.

Down to the ground floor.

Make your way back to Violet and Sunny. They're waiting at the previous part of the library.

Run toward the door and it will automatically open for you.

Enough with the's time for some actions! :D

You have to deal with the hook man but this time it will takes you two rounds to defeat the villain!

Cut-scene of they're going back to Count Olaf's house.