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Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events Walkthrough Part VII : Preparing Dinner

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Cut-scene. Auto saved.

Examine the painting for the eyeball.

Pick up the onion.

Garlic is in the fridge.

The bottle of capers is in the top cabinet.

Walk to the pantry door and you'll switch character as Sunny.

Climb the box, crawl through the shelves and bite the rope.

Got the anchovies! Dinka! :D You're done here. Now back to the kitchen.

One more eyeball for your collection! ;)

Turn to your back. Break the bricks wall here to reveal a lever. Beware of the filthy rat! Pull the lever.

Now you've found another secret passage. Follow the path, it will lead you down to the cellar.

Break the crate at the corner to get the eyeball.

Pull the lever to open bars.

Again, you will play as Sunny. Climb up the box and bite the rope.

Climb up the shelf, bite the second rope

and the last one..

Take the pasta and the eyeball as well.

Nikkibo! :D

After you're done, you will switch back to Violet. Go back to the kitchen.

(If you're not interested in collecting eyeball or the alphabet, you can skip this step) Jump on the broken cabinet in front of the pantry door.

Climb up the rafters.

Now turn to your right.

Remember this spot where you're standing right now. Keep walking straight until the end of the path (the circle area)

Break the bricks wall to obtain one more eyeball.

Go back to the previous spot and go across the beam to the right.

There's a wooden chest on your left. Smash it to get the letter "G".

Jump on the counter to avoid injuries.

Leave the kitchen.

Go past the dining room on your left.

You are in the hall. Save your game now.

Enter the room in front of you.

Smash the wooden chest to obtain an eyeball.

Beware of the pesky giant mosquitoes. Kill them all (total of five).

Go down the stairs. There are two urn vases at both side of the door. Smash the left one to collect the letter "H"

Turn to your back, you'll see there are four stone blocks (R1 & L1 and R2 & L2) on the floor. It doesn't matter which set you step on first but you must activate all of these switches at once.

If you step on L1, then it must be followed by stepping on R1 (the first set). Step on the second set to raise the middle floorboard from the ground.

Pressing the switch on the left will reveal a hidden room on the right and vice versa.

Don't forget to examine the painting to get the eyeball.

Enter the room. Smash the round box to get another eyeball.

Activate the other side switch.

Smash the box on the shelf.There's a bottle of olives in it. Take it. Mission is accomplished! ;)