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Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events Walkthrough Part X : Horseradish Factory

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Uncle Monty gives them an errand to do at the Horseradish Factory. Unfortunately Olaf's henchmen going to trap them.

After the conversation ends, enter the staff door.

There's an eyeball in the locker.

Go through the backdoor.

Walk towards the gingers sacks and there will be a cut-scene of white-faced women throwing horseradish.

Defeat the first white-faced woman.

Go up the platform and take the eyeball behind the box.

Another eyeball in the crate.

Use the elevator to go up the scaffolds.

Climb up two sets of ladder.

Jump down.

Use the elevator to go down. Don't forget to avoid the horseradish thrown by the white-faced woman!

Go up again.

Another ladder to climb.

Pull the lever.

Defeat the white-faced woman.

Jump over the gap and keep going.

Smash the crate to get an eyeball.

Pull the lever to send down the elevator.

Jump on the moving platform to go to other side.

Press the switch on your right.

Since your path will be blocked, you'll need Sunny's assistance.

Take the eyeball behind the box.

Climb the box on your left and bite the rope that's holding the hook.

Since there's no more barrier, keep going until you see a door. Down the stairs and turn around.

Letter "J" is in the second locker.

Look for the levers on the ceiling to move the trolleys aside. There are three of them.

Another eyeball.

Break the odd looking wall to get five more eyeballs.

Keep going and you'll find one more eyeball in the locker next to the stairs.

Pull the lever. Go up.

Pull the lever on the ceiling.

Smash the sack to get the letter "L"

Exit this room, run towards the door and you may save your game.

Go straight. Up the stairs and turn right.

Jump on the platform then activate the switch on the wall (just like you did earlier)

Walk to the doorway and keep going.

Watch out for the hot droplets when crossing on the conveyor belt.

Open the cover and walk into the steam tunnel.

Jump down and exit the tunnel.

You'll see a door but you can't approach it because the metal floor is going to collapse. Take the other route.

Get in the elevator.

Follow Klaus.

Save your game.

Keep walking and proceed to the other room.

DON'T smash any boxes in this room if you don't want to deal with the rats.

Press the switch.

Rotate the middle spinner disc once.

Rotate the left spinner disc twice.

Jump on the platform. Climb up the loft.

You can break the broken wall on your right.

But first, collect the letter "K" in the chest.

Don't forget to collect the eyeball in the crate!

Make sure your position in line with the underneath bridge before you jump.

Going up.

You'll reach a room with lots of platforms. There will be a short conversation.

Pull over the lever on the right.

Then pull the lever on the left. Let the middle lever untouched.

Jump on the platforms to across to the other side.