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Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events Walkthrough Part XIII : Retrieving the Reptiles

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Wait until the cut-scene ends, then capture the lizard.

Use the Smasher to break through those brambles.

Smash the sacks to collect the letter "O".

Eyeballs on the roof.

Take the oil to use on the rusty gate.

Smash the vase to get one more eyeball.

Keep going..

Don't forget to empty your Reptile Retriever.

Ignore the door for now and keep walking. Collect the eyeball for your collection. Catch the lizard.

Smash the brambles. Once you've clear this area, the door will be unlock for you.

This door is accessible now..

Turn back and enter the open door. Prepare with your Bug Sprayer!

Take the eyeball.

Smash the crate to get the letter "P".

Clear this area and the gate will be widely open..

Save your progression.

Smash the brambles and prepare with your Bug Sprayer. Two giant mosquitoes will attack you.

There are an eyeball on the stone pave and a lizard next to it. Catch the lizard and the gate in front of Klaus will automatically open.

Catch all the reptiles in this area. Catch the lizard on the pergola and collect the eyeballs as well.

You won't find the last reptile unless you had cleared this area and empty them into the basket.

Venture down the tunnel; at this point the bald man will lock you from the outside.

Look carefully and you can see there's a blocked doorway in front of you.

Clear the barrier and you'll get five eyeballs. Watch out for the filthy rat. Exit this room.

You may explore the tunnel but avoid the hot steam from the leaking vent pipe.

Kill the rats.

Smash the crate to obtain letter "Q".

An eyeball.

Open the bars.

Follow the waterway and you will be attacked by two more rats.

Climb up the ladder.

Catch the last reptile and put it in the basket.

The bald man is going to stop you. You have to defeat him in four rounds. Don't forget to collect the eyeball near the lizard sculpture.

Once you've defeated the villain, you may collect all the collectibles or Lockets to restore your health bar.

Walk through the gate. Cut-scene.