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Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events Walkthrough Part XIV : Gathering Hurricane Supplies

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The Bauldelaire orphans now live with their new guardian Aunt Josephine Anwhistle. Hurricane Herman's approaching and they need to gathering supplies for the storm.

Go straight pass the grocery store. Open the gate of the house on your right.

Smash the barrel and take the eyeball.

Go back to the grocery store. Smash the single barrel next to the bench to get another eyeball.

Once you enter the store the crates will fell down and block the entrance.

Beware of the rats. There are four of them.

Spin the ship wheel on the wall.

Pull the lever to get the letter "R".

Turn around and smash the barrel near the register (next to the table) to get an eyeball.

Smash the crate to reveal a hidden lever.

Go through the secret passage behind the bookshelf. Down the stairs.

Crawl across the plank bridge.

Pick up the eyeball.

Climb the stack of boxes, then crawl across another plank bridge. Now bite the rope.

There are three hanging ropes to bite. The last rope holds the crate that's blocking the way.

Use the crate as the bridge and cross over. Pick up the lime crate.

The shelf will move aside, thus reveals a hidden doorway. Exit through this door.

Outside, six crabs await to attack you. Kill all of them.

Open the gate for Klaus.

Playing as Klaus, open the gate of the nearby house.

Smash the barrel at the backyard to get the eyeball and letter "S".

Enter the house and examine for the lever on the ceiling (near the furnace)

Exit through the secret doorway.

Jump on the swaying wooden floor.

Break the planks and take the eyeball.

You can't enter the light house now. Head straight.

Go down the ladder and pick up the eyeball at the entrance.

Spin the ship wheel to open the bars.

Climb up.

Take the cucumbers in the plate on the table.

Jump down at the other end. You'll end up landed at the neighbour's yard.

Smash the barrel in between two chairs to get an eyeball.

Exit this house and open the gate for Violet.

Pick up the eyeball next to the booth.

Walk toward the boat and you will switch character to Sunny.

Crawl across the plank bridge.

Bite the wood that holds the plank. Crawl on it.

Take the blankets. Go back to Violet.

You'll find yourself as Violet now. Defeat the bald man in four rounds.

It's time to go home.