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Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events Walkthrough Part XVII : Saving Aunt Josephine

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Clear all the obstacles that blocking your way. Watch out for the rats when breaking boxes.

You may be attacked by crabs and bats too.

Keep walking and you will find this odd looking wall on your left. Break it.

There are bananas and letter "V" in the crates.

Open the door. You'll eventually end up at the leeches pool.

Switching character as Violet now, go to your left. Smash the planks barrier and head straight.

Walk toward the small opening and you will switch character to Sunny.

Bite the rope to break the crate cointains a pair of snow shoes.

Once you've done, crawl back to Violet.

Look for a level on the ceiling. Pull it.

Go through the bars.

Pull the lever on the ceiling once and it will open the right cell.

Smash the left crate to get the eyeball.

Pull the lever again to open the middle cell.

Smash the crates to collect the collectibles.

Now pull the lever again for the last time. This will open the bars on your left.

Walk to the game saver to save your game.

Break the barrier and follow the passage.

Break the wooden floor.

Jump down. Watch out for the rats.

Break the crate. Pick the eyeball.

Take the rope. Go back to the previous area.

Head straight. Get on the elevator. Use the Lever Yanker to spin the wheel.

Jump onto the next elevator then activate the switch wheel.

Now spin the wheel to draw the elevator towards you.

Get onto the last elevator then spin the wheel again to move the elevator to its previous position.

Go down. Smash the crate. Take the eyeball and the oars.

Use the stilts, hurried across the leeches pool.

Go all away around. Smash the large crate so that Klaus can across the pool safely.

You are Klaus now. Jump on the large rocks, approach the door.

Crawl under the door.

Bite the rope that holds the door.

Follow the passage.

Don't forget to collect the eyeball..

A short conversation between Violet and Klaus.

Go straight then pull the lever.

Turn back. Go to the right at the intersection.

Examine the breakable wall on your left. Break it.

Pull the lever to open the bars behind you.

Turn to your back. Now keep heading straight.

Pull the lever so that the pool will be drained out.

You will switch to Klaus. Exit from this room. There are two crates on your left at the first intersection.

Smash the crate to get an eyeball.

Turn around then head straight. Keep going straight at the second intersection.

Smash the crate. Collect the eyeball.

You will be attacked by two bats. Exit through the door.

Another eyeball to collect.


Jump on the platform.

Pull the lever so that the platform will alternately moving up and down.

Jump on the next platform when it moves downward (must be lower than the platform where you're standing)

Kill the bats.

Smash the crate, you'll get the letter "W".

Cross the bridge. Clear the barrier. Walk through the doorway.

There's an eyeball in the crate.

Cross the bridge again. This time you need to get on the elevator.

Spin the switch wheel.

Smash the crate.

Walk toward Aunt Josephine. Cut-scene.