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Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events Walkthrough Part XIX : To the Tower

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Enter the room. Prepare with your Bug Sprayer. Kill those pesky bats.

Take an eyeball in the crate.

To go up, aim at the above theatrical masks.

Repeat the same step until you reach the top.

Exit this room. Keep going up.

Head inside the room.

Step on the unmovable platform.

Pull the lever on your right (RL 1) to move the second platform to the left.

Pull the lever on your Left (LL 1) to draw the first platform towards you.

Jump on this platform. Pull the LL1 again to move to the left.

Jump on the second platform.

Pull the second lever on your left (LL 2) twice so that the last platform will stop in front the door.

Pull the right lever (RL1) to move the second platform to its origin position.

Jump on the third platform.

Pull the right lever (RL2) and the third platform will move in a slow motion.

Jump on the last platform. Exit through the door.

Go up. Watch out for the broken stairs. They might collapse once you step on them.

You'll reach at another room. Save your game.

Get on the elevator. Pull the lever to go up.

Pull the left lever to draw the left elevator towards you.

Step on the elevator, then pull the same lever again to move the elevator to its previous position.

Get on the right elevator. Pull the lever.

Repeat the same step.

Pull the lever next to the door.

Step on the next elevator and pull the same lever again.

Get out of the room. Head upstairs.

Take the eyeball behind the painting on the wall.

Enter the room with the green door.

Fight the hook man.


Use the giant magnifying glass to burn the marriage license.