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Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events Walkthrough Part XVI : The Map

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They need a map to locate Curdled Cave.

Enter the room on the left that was previously jammed shut.

Smash the box for the eyeball.

Walk through the hidden passage in the closet. Kill the rats.

Smash the luggage to get the letter "T".

Follow the route. Save your game.

Keep going until you reach a room with the collapsed floorboard. Smash the box at the corner of the room. Pick up the eyeball.

Go around and smash the crate near the stack of boxes for another eyeball.

Another eyeball in the box.

Pull the lever to reveal a hidden ladder. Go back to the previous room.

Climb up the ladder.

Exit through the door.

Pick up the letter "U" behind the painting. Get out from this bedroom.

Enter the bathroom on your left. There are three eyeballs in this room. There's one in the sink and two more in the bath tub.

Enter the other room.

Suddenly the hurricane had reached its peak and blows up the walls revealing the map under the bed. Grab it.

Before you go, pick the eyeball on the end table.

Hurry down the stairs and jump across the gap.

Beware of the hot steam.

Use the wooden planks as the bridge to cross over.

After a narrow escape, the Baudelaires watch as the house is ripped from the side of the cliff and falls into the lake below.