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Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events Walkthrough Part XV : Decipher the Note

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The Bauldelaires find a suicide note from their aunt and discover that the library window had been smashed.

Break the boxes in the far-right corner of the room to reveal the code.

The code is IKE (Aunt Josephine's husband; Dr. Isaac "Ike" Anwhistle)

Pick up the eyeball on the desk.

Examine the painting; behind it is a panel.

Enter the code and take the book.

Exit the room and immediately turn left.

Jump on the edge but beware of the hot steam.

Enter the room. Press the switch to open the vent cover.

Playing as Sunny, crawl in the vent and exit through the kitchen.

Jump down and open the fridge to take the eyeball.

Examine the biteable bench leg. Bite it.

Crawl up to the table and take the book on the shelf.

Get back to Violet.

You'll find yourself playing as Violet again. This time enter the room on your left. Smash the box near the table to get the eyeball.

Spin the ship wheel.

Once again, you'll play as Sunny. Take the eyeball and bite the rope to lowered the tapestry.

Take the third book. Now you have all the books that Klaus needed.

Klaus reveals that Aunt Josephine had purposefully written the note to hide a message reading "Curdled Cave".