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Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events Walkthrough Part XII : The Escaped Reptiles

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Cut-scene of Count Olat disguises as Stephano.

After the cut-scene finished, head upstairs.

Smash the crates. Now you'll have new items for your Sprayer.

Clear up the barrier. There are two eyeballs in the crates.

Letter "M".

Pull the lever to reveal a hidden switch behind the painting.

Activate the switch.

Take the rim.

An eyeball in the crate.

Smash the vase to reveal a hidden door. Get in the elevator.

Going down.

There's a lever on the wall. Watchout for the hot steam!

Pull the lever. Collect the eyeballs.

Keep going. Smash the barrel on your left for another eyeball.

Another one..

The last piece.

Jump on the table. Climb up.

Use elevator to go down. Save the game.

Defeat the bald man to get the basket.

Take the basket and find your way out.

Letter "N" is in the barrel.

Press the wall stone block. Go through the secret passage.

An eyeball in the barrel..

Another eyeball.. don't forget to take the old tree trimmer.

Ring the bells in order as shown in the picture above.

Climb the box and jump on the first basket lid, hopping from one lid to another until you reach the ladder.

Climb the ladder and smash the sack to obtain the eyeball.

Open the gate.

Defeat the hook man to get the burlap sack.

Invention time..

Catch six snakes in the house.

Once you've done, you have to capture the rest of the reptiles that scattered all over the garden.