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Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events Walkthrough Part XVIII : Marvelous Marriage

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Exit through the green door.

Defeat the white-faced woman.

Pick up the first part of the ticket.

Walk towards the door.

Break the bricks wall.

Take the parasol.

Smash the checkered box. Take the eyeball.

Go upstairs.

Enter the room on your right.

Brake the crate. Take the eyeball. Get out from this room.

Enter the room in front of you.

Defeat another white-faced woman to obtain the second part of the ticket.

There's an eyeball in the box on the table.

Enter the closet. Brake the crate. Beware of the rat in the crate. You'll also get the letter "Z". Exit this room.

Enter the room with the green door.

Examine the clown painting for the eyeball.

Press the switch.

Pull the lever. This will open a hidden bathroom door.

Take the curtains. Exit.

Don't go down yet. Examine both of the Olaf's painting to reveal a hidden lever. Activate both levers to open the curtains.

Press the switch at the desk.

Pick up the letter " X"

Take the rug.

Cut-scene. Klaus invents Grappling Hook.

Aim at the theatrical masks to crossover

Take the last piece of the ticket.

Go back.

Immediately turn to your right.

Take the eyeball behind the painting.

Solve the puzzle using the ticket as the clue.

Go through the door.

Smash the crate. Collect the eyeball.

Use the Grappling Hook to aid you to go up the stairs.

Don't save your game yet, make your way all around the wall.

Break the bricks wall.

Smash the crate..

Take the eyeballs.

You may save your game now. Keep going..