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Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events Walkthrough The Alphabet

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Antepenultimate -- third to last

Byzantine -- vastly more intricate and far-reaching

Credulous -- willing to believe absolutely anything

Deflagrate -- to set fire to through the application of intense light and heat

Ephemeral -- fleeting and shortlived

Farrago -- a motley assortment of odds and ends, cleverly assembled for a useful purpose

Grandiloquence -- the use of overly sophisticated language for the purpose of sounding smart

Halcyon -- calm, peaceful, and happy

Indomitable -- stubbornly carrying on against conditions so overwhelmingly grim that anyone who knows better would have given up a long time ago

Jeopardy -- exposure to extreme danger that threatens life and limb

Key -- a device for entering forbidden places, where one is unlikely to be welcome

Lachrymose -- grief-stricken and inclined toward weeping

Mortmain -- tragic impact of past events on present circumstances

Nadir -- the point at which things couldn't possibly get any worse

Obituary -- the published notice of someone's death

Panjandrum -- a false title placed before one's name for the purpose of sounding important

Quagmire -- a mess that is easy to get stuck in and virtually impossible to get out of

Rapacious -- stealing from others out of intense greed

Schism -- the division of an organization into two arguing groups, causing by one member suddenly behaving in a greedy and violent manner

Trilemma -- a problem in which there are three possible solutions; all of them bad

Unscrupulous -- without principles, oblivious to concepts such as honor and decency

Verisimilitude -- the appearence of authenticity through deception, such as wearing a disguise and speaking with a funny accent

Wunderkind -- a child possessing extraordinary abilities that make adults look incompetent by comparison

Xenophobe -- somebody who is afraid of people just because they come from a different country

Yearning -- a strong, often painful desire for something, such as a place or person, that is gone and never ever coming back

Zephyr -- a gentle breeze coming from the west