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Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events Walkthrough Part V : Another Part of the Library

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Cut-scene. Auto saved.

After the conversation ends, go to the previous room.

There's an eyeball on the chair near the desk.

Another one on the loveseat..

Now examine the grandfather clock. Take the spring.

Go upstairs. Highlight the painting. Press the switch.

The bookshelf will start moving to aside. Take the gavel.

Go downstairs and proceed to another room.

Two more eyeballs on the armchairs.

Take the bubble gum. You'll need it to beat Olaf's henchmen later.

Find another eyeball in the cabinet.

Switch on the projector.

Enjoy the movie.. :D Now, open the curtains.

There's a bell pull rope behind the painting. Take it.

Exit the projector room and go back to the previous room where Violet was waiting for you. Examine the painting near the window.

Climb up the ladder.

Smash the box causing the shelf widely open and revealed a secret safe.

Pick up the judges scale.

Cut-scene of Violet invents the Lever Yanker.

Now use it to pull down the lever.

Only Klaus will enter this room while both of his sisters wait outside.

Prepare with your Bug Sprayer because you will be attacked by two giant mosquitoes.

Highlight the painting on your left. Pull the lever to disclose a hidden alcove behind the bookshelves.

Pull down the lever.

Step on the stone block to activate the switch -- which will automatically rearrange the heights of the bookshelves. They will form a set of stairs for you to climb.

But you may want to collect the eyeball at the back of the library before you go to the first floor.

Smash the the wooden crate on the first floor to collect the letter "E".

Proceed to the other room.

Highlight the painting and pull the lever behind it.

The wall on your right will start moving; reveals another part of the library. Prepare with your Bug Sprayer. There are five mosquitoes in the total.

Use the elevator to go up.

There's a room on your left but DON'T enter it yet if you want to collect the alphabet/eyeballs. Go all the way to the alcove.

There is a switch at the other side of the wall. Press it.

The wall behind you will start moving. Use the elevator to go down.

The letter "F" is in the box..

You can see the eyeball is on the shelf.

Go back and enter the room you've saw earlier.

Approach the indoor plant and look down at it, you'll find a hidden eyeball.

Process to the next room.

Smash the old stuffs to disclose a secret door on the floor.

Before you go, take the eyeball first.

There's another one in the bucket.

Examine the painting. Press the switch.

Use the Lever Yanker to pull down the ladder. Climb up.

Keep going.

Jump down.

The secret door will open once you've smashed the last crate. Careful, there're two rats in the crates.

Smash the crates that blocking your way.

Step on another stone block switch.

Go to the next room. You'll find another elevator here. Use it.

Examine the bookshelf on the left.

There are five more eyeballs in the hidden room.

Time to save your game...