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Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events Walkthrough Part I : Open the Crate

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Once you've gain control of your character (Violet), get the fork.

Run toward the left pier (next to the boat).

Jump over the gap by pressing the right mouse/control button/spacebar.

To highlight an item press the left mouse and move the target over it. Releasing the mouse button will simply pick it up.

At this point, Klaus will volunteer to retrieve the old boot. Now you'll switch character and play as Klaus.

Jump over the floating logs to go to the other side of the pier.

Climb over the boxes.

Another boxes..

Climb up the ladder.

Pick up the boot.

Once you've done, Klaus will be brought back to the land. This time you'll be playing as Sunny.

It's very easy to find objects that you can interact with. Just look for the sparkling objects or you can sweep your cursor across the screen, eventually causing the cursor to change it's form.

Highlight the object by pressing down on the left mouse button then release it, so that Sunny can start biting! :)

You can either highlight or crawl to the item to pick it up.

There will be a cut-scene showing Violet invents the "Smasher".

You'll start as Klaus again. This time you can use the "Smasher" to smash things.

Collect the heart shaped "Locket" to refill your health bar. I won't tell you how to find the Lockets in this game because you'll only need them if your health bar decreases. They'll keep reapearing at the same spot after a few seconds anyway.

There's letter "A" in the second crate and there are other alphabets you may find in this game as well. Collecting these alphabets is optional. They have no effects on your game though, just a few words to enrich your vocab! :)

In order to go through the backdoor you have to smash all the obstacles in front of you.

Once the door's open, you will watch a cut-scene of the stolen picnic basket and how did Violet come up with an idea of inventing the "Lobber".

Now you can save your game.