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Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events Walkthrough Part IV : Library Secret Passage

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Go straight to the end of the corner. Examine the painting on your right to reveal a hidden switch.

Pressing the switch will reveal a secreat passage behind the wall.

There's another switch. Press it so that you can head to the billiard room.

A cut-scene of conversation between the white-faced women (Snicket never mentions their names not even in a single book! :D) After the cut-scene finished, Klaus need to find the items that Violet requests for her invention.

The billiard room is inaccessible for now. Go straight.

Beware of the bad rat.

You have to defeat the white-faced woman I.

Down to the basement.

Smash the wooden crate for the bicycle pump.

Now up to the first floor. You have to deal with the white-faced woman II for the perfume.

There's only one room on this floor (atleast for now). Go to the bathroom to collect the eyeball.

Don't forget to flush the toilet! :D

There's a hidden switch attached to the inner side of the desk. Press it.

Now another room has been revealed.

Shoot at the rat near the bed or it will attact you.

There's a swicth to raise up the hide-a-bed.

Smash the crate. Collect the eyeball.

Go through a secret passage under the bed. But before that, you may want to examine the right painting to reveal another eyeball.

DON'T pick up the phonograph yet. There's a puzzle on the wall. Solving this puzzle gonna gives you a hint about the next puzzle (in the billiard room)

Now take the phonograph.

Cut-scene. Presto! Bug Sprayer!

Your game will be automatically save at this point.

Kill all the giant mosquitoes (total of five).

Go near the fireplace and you'll see there are two locked safes near both of the stairs. The puzzle you've solved earlier used to unlock the right one.

Pressing the switch will reveal a hidden door.

Open the other safe to collect the eyeball.

Keep exploring the room and you'll find a map on the desk.

There's a chest cointains an eyeball near the pillar.

One of the painting will be sparkling with lights.

Go through the hidden door and look through the hole. You'll see the painting's moving. Now you have the code -- O L A F

Highlight the billiard board painting. Behind each billiard board painting -- there is a gauge with three different letters.

There are four billiard board paintings (numbered with 1-4) The first gauge is O, second one is L, third is A and the last will be F.

Now you've found another hidden switch.

Pressing the switch will reveal a secret passage behind the fireplace.