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Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events Walkthrough Part III : Finding Way to the Library

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There's a cut-scene of their new guardian Count Olaf.

Exit the room and keep walking straight until..

a cut-scene interferes your game.

Since Violet facing to the left during the cuts-scene, continue walking straight after you've gain control of her.

You'll eventually stumble across a big filthy rat. Kill it using the "Lobber".

Enter the room on your left. Go downstairs.

You'll see a room on your left. Break the wooden planks that are blocking your way using the Smasher.

There will be a short conversation between Sunny and Violet. Examine the painting on the wall after the conversation end.

Now you've revealed the hidden safe, take the eyeball.

Don't forget to take the pencil sharpener on the desk.

Exit this room and head down to the basement.

There are two rooms but you can't enter both of it. You'll need Sunny's assistance now.

Climb up the box and bite the rope.

Climb the stack of boxes on your left so that you can crawl through the small hole.

Bite all the ropes..

After all the biting and crawling.. finally, you've reached the next room.

But you're not done biting yet! :D Now you have to bite the hanging rope (with a small sack attach to it) near the bed.

The sack's gonna fell on the white crate and going to break it. Pick up the hanger and..

go back to the previous room using the same way you came in.

Head back to the place where you've encountered the filthy rat just now. Keep going straight.

You can see the game saver from afar but you can't use it now. Enter the bathroom on your right.

Flush the toilet if you want to collect the eyeball.

Smash the wooden crate to get the letter "C".

Exit the bathroom and enter the another room. You have to defeat the bald man first to get the record.

Shoot at him using the "Lobber" and don't forget to dodge.

DON'T pick up the record yet instead highlight the hanging painting (above the fireplace) to get the letter "B"

Then examine the painting behind you to reveal the hidden eyeball.

Now you may pick up the record.

Invention time..! Voila! The "Lockpick" is complete.

Before you open the door, examine the painting on your left first. You'll reveal another hidden eyeball.

Use the Lockpick to unlock the room. There's another hidden eyeball behind the kimono painting.

Now examine the painting behind you (near the end table)

Press the switch to reveal a secret closet.

Since there's only a small hole, only Sunny can fit in.

Climb up the stack of boxes and bite the rope.

Don't forget to collect the eyeball in the fireplace. Climb up to the rafters.

Careful when you're crawling on the beam because you might fall and have to start all over again.

Finally you've reached your destination. Bite the tasty looking rope! :D

A wooden plank will fell down from the ceiling. Playing as Klaus now, use the plank bridge to across to the other side.

You may save your game now.