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Mafia 2 Walkthrough Chapter 3: Enemy of the State

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Next day you wake up in the morning.

Get to the phone to pick up.

Your mother calls asks you to meet papparlo.

Wear the jacket present in the closet.

Now open the door.

Keep moving to the destination.

You can have the help of the map.

Or else you can steal the car and get to the destination.

Follow the route shown on the map to get to the destanation.

Here we are at the destination.

Climb the stairs and meet papparlo.

Open the door present at the end of the way.

Speak with the man sitting on the chair.

Follow steve to get down.

You are given work of loading the crates on the vehicle.

The door is open if you wish to go.

You speak with the steve at the end of the door.

You speak about joe barbara.

Later steve takes you to his boss to speak.

The conversations are going on among them for some time.

Now go and collect derek fee from the workers.

Ask the worker present there.

If he is willing to fight then hit him so that he pays the fee.

Later he pays the fee.And also the remaining persons.

This guy does not pay the fee.

So you need to fight the guy and defeat him.

Later on take the cash back to the derek.

You speak with him and later he gives you your part.

The fee collected is distributed among you and him.

You take the money and get going.

You take the car to get to the destination.

Follow the route to get to the destination.

Here you are at the destination.

Get inside the bar to meet joe.

Listen to the conversations.

Henry speaks to you.

You are given a job by him.

So you get to complete the job.

Take the car and get to the destination.

Here we are at the destination.

Go to the house.

Get to the room.

You speak to the lady about the work.

You take the lady to the hospital.

Follow the route on the map.

Here we are at the hospital and she gives you all the information about the work.

Get to the administration.

You need to go by walk from here.

Press SPACE to climb over the obstacle.

Get to window to go inside.

Look out for the guards.

Take the stairs to reach upwards.

You can look in the map.

Look for the guards.

You finally find the room and unlock it with the equipment you got.

Later on you press E to open the case.

The alarm goes off. Now you need to get off.

Kill all the police present there.

Take cover if required.

Proceed downstairs and then to the exit door.

Run to the car and get inside it.

You are wanted by the police so you need to change the clothes.

Take the car and escape from them.

Get to the destination on the map.

You get only third of the money due to casualties.

Now you get out of the bar.

You need to sell the cards before the clock runs out.

Look at the map for shortcuts and sell all of them.

You stop at the petrol pump and horn the car.

The person purchases the stamps and the get out of there.Sell all the stamps and get to the house to get some rest.