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Mafia 2 Walkthrough Chapter 2: Home Sweet Home

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2 years later vito returns to his hometown on holiday.

Vito friend joe barbara picks him up at the station.

Both of them hug each other and move out of the station.

He takes you out on the car.

Listen to the conversations on the way

You can use controls to look at the back, front or sideways

You and joe grab a drink at a bar.

You talk to joe about the time you have remained to stay in the empire bay.

He says he will get the paperwork done for him to stay here.

You get to the house.

Follow the directions on the map to reach the house.

Take the stairs.

The door at the end is yours.

Go upstairs to get to the mama's apartment.

Vito meets with his mom.

His sister hugs him.

Later on the conversations go on among them.

Later they have dinner at the house.

Later vito o to have rest.Press E by bed to go to sleep.

You take rest on the bed.

Next day you wake up and get dressed.

You speak to the mom about the job things.

Now you go to the out.

Move down the stairs.

Get to the bottom floor.

Here we are. now get to the location on the map.

You see a man threatening the vito sister.

Now vito goes and hits him.

Now you need to fight him and defeat him.Press LMB to hit.

Finally you need to press RMB to finish it.

Later you speak to sister about the problem.

Vito promises to take care of the situation and money.

Now you need to get to the location on the map.

You can use map for shortcuts.

You can walk and reach the destinaton.

Later on reaching the destination get to the door and open it by pressing E.

Go upstairs to meet joe.

You ask the woman about joe's house.

Finally you reach the joe's house.

Joe open the door and invites you in.

You speak to the joe.

Joe speaks about business to vito.

Now you need to get to the bottom floor and follow joe.

Take the car and get to the destination.

You can use map for shortcuts.

The directions is shown in the map.

You have finally reached the destination.

Now follow joe.

Open the door.

Get to the top floor to meet the client.

Well here is guisepe.

Joe introduces him to you and you to him.

You pay money for the items you purchase.

You can take the discharge papers from the table.

You can purchase items form him.

You try the picks you selected for lock opening on the lock present on the table.

Later follow joe.

Steal the car present outside the apartment.

You need to use the button E to use wrench and S to move the pin.

Later take the car and fly away.

You can use the map for getting the destination.

Try to escape the cops by getting the car painted.

Look out for shortcuts to get to the paint shop.

Enter the garage.

You need to purchase the car plates.

Later you can purchase the engine for the car.

Also you can get the car painted.

Now keep moving to the destination.

Now you need to drive joe to see mike.

Look out for vehicles at side ways.

You are at the destination.

Joe speaks with the mike.

You need to shoot the parts of the car.

Later drive joe to the bar.

Follow the route shown on the map.

Here we are at the destination.

So you need to steal the car.

Joe makes you understand the conditions.

Now proceed to steal the car.

Press SPACE button to climb over the obstacles.

You are indulged in fight with the man on the other side.

Later on his backup comes.

So you need to kill all the members and later steal the car.

Take cover behind the car.You can press 1,2,3,4 to switch to weapons.

Shoot precisely to kill as soon as possible.

Later unlock the car with the tools you got.

Get the car and get out of the location.

Get to the destination on the map.

Look out at corners for vehicles.

You finally reach the destination.

Mike pays you the amount.

Joe gives you your part.

Now you needto get back to the joe house.

Drive to the destination on the map.

Look out for vehicles at the corners.

Park the vehicle in the garage.

Now get to the joe's apartment.

Here we are at the apartment.

You can drink and eat the food in the fridge.