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Mafia 2 Walkthrough Chapter 5: The Buzzsaw

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Next day you wake up and find joe's girl in the house.

You get dressed to get to the destination.

But outside you notice a man going rough on a woman.

So you go and teach the man a lesson.

You hit him hard that he learns to respect a woman.

Later the woman thanks you.

You take the car in the garage and get to the destination.

Follow the route to get to the destination.

Open the door on reaching the destination.

Listen to the conversations.

Now you need to the destination to collect some merchandise.

Look out for the vehicles.

Get to the house shown on the map.

Open the door.

Get to the downstairs by reaching the end of the room.

Listen to the conversations.

Take the merchandise and get to the destination.

Now you need to drive the van safely to the henry.

Finally you have reached the destination.

You wait for 2 hours.

You look for the man.

As soon as they come you start shooting at them.

Now you need to chase the fat man.

So keep moving to the house.

Kill all the men present outside.

Open the door.

Kill the men present inside.

Take cover and kill all the guards.

Look out for the man on the stairs.

Kill all of them by shooting them.

Take cover so as to protect yourself.

Kill all the men present there.

Take the elevator and get to the top.

Kill all the men present there.

Take the stairs and reach the top.

Kill the person trying to shoot.

Henry later kill the fat man.

Now you need to get out of the apartment.

So move quickly to get out of the shop.

Go this way to the end of the room.

Take the stairs to reach the bottom floor.

Kill the men present inside the other room.

Taket the stairs and get to the bottom floor.

Get to the end of the room.

Get out through the door at the end.

Later take henry to the destination.

Drive the car cautiosly as it can hurt henry.

Get to the destination in time.

On reaching the destination knock the door.

Joe stays with henry.

Now you have enough money.Get to your sister.

Take the car to get to the house.

On reaching the destination you preoceed to house.

You open the door and get inside.

You sister is so happy to see you.

You hand over the money to her.

Later you get out to proceed to the house.

So get to the car.

Take the car and get to joe's house.

Park the car in the garage.

Open the door to get the apartment.

You can have drink from the fridge.

Later you can have rest in the sofa.