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Mafia 2 Walkthrough Chapter 6: Time Well Spent

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Next day you wake up and open the door.

You find the cops outside the apartment present there to arrest you.

The law gives you the punishment.

You are taken to the prison in the van.

This is your jail to stay.

After three days you think of meeting leo galante.

So you go to contact galante.

You ask most of them about galante.

Finally this man comes in your way to stop you.

So now you need to teach O'neil not to mess with you.

Hit him with the moves by pressing LMB and RMB.

Finally the guards stops both of you.

You are thrown in a dark room for days.

2 days later.

Galante comes to meet you.

He trains you in his gym and involving in fight with his men.

After the fight he offers you coffee.

Now you leave the gym.

But on the way this man interferes.

Now you need to defeat this man by beating him down.

Hit him the moves you have learnt.Finally you win and leave the gym.

One week later.

You need to follow the guard.

Sonow you need to beat up this opponent.

Hit him with the moves you have learnt.

Later follow the guard to meet the visitor waiting for you.

Your sister comes to meet you.

She speaks about the marriage of her and her mother's health condition. Vito asks her to take the money from joe and get her best medical check.

One week later.

Vito is in his room.

Follow the guard to get to the place.

Now you need to clean the toilets.

Clean the dirty urinals and the bathrooms.

Later get to the guard.

You go for taking the bath.

But you are involved in fight with the persons there.

So you need to defeat all of them.

You need to use the moves you have learnt.

Finally in the dark room you receive the letter saying your mother is dead.

Finally you meet galante and ask about the work.

Now you need to defeat o'neil.

Finally after defeating him you are safe from all of them.

Listen to the conversations.

Finally you are getting released.