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Mafia 2 Walkthrough Chapter 4: Murphy's Law

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Next day you wake up in the morning.

Read the letter present there.

Wear the jacket present in the closet and get out of there.

Open the door to get out of there.

Take the car from the garage and keep moving.

Take the car and get to the destination.

Open the door to get inside.

The conversations go on.

Joe makes plan for the job.

Six hours later.

You need to drive to the mall to rob it.

Take the car and get to the mall.

Follow the route to get to the destination.

Open the lock of the door after reaching.

Then you rob the mall.

But all of sudden you meet up with this guys.

And also the cops around.

You need to escape the cops.

Kill the cops on the way.

Follow joe to the top of the stairs.

Kill the cops on the stairs.

Follow joe to the other side.

Kill the cops shooting at you.

Later get to the other side.

Follow joe to escape from the location.

Kill all the cops present there.

Take cover and shoot precisely.

Get to the door at the end of the way.

Get down through the stairs.

Now joe leaves to hide the treasure.

Now you need to escape without being spotted.

Get to the car and escape in it.

Follow the route on the map and get to the destination.

Park the car in the garage.

Get to the apartment by opening the door.

You can have food from the fridge.

Later you can take rest in the sofa.