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Mafia 2 Walkthrough Chapter 7: In Loving Memory of Francesco Potenza

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You are released and reach your home town.

You now need to go and catch up with joe.

Open the door and get inside to get to joe.

Here is joe's apartment.

Joe welcomes you and you get inside the house.

You speak about the changes taken place in the town.

Later you take joe's car and get to the destination.

So now you need to follow the route shown by red line on the map.

Press E to open the door and get inside.

Your new apartment is at the top floor.

This is your apartment. Go inside and watch for yourself.

You can wear the jacket from the closet.

Now get to the destination on the map.

You can always steal a car and go anywhere.

Open the door and get inside to buy yourself a dress.

You can select any suit from the ones shown.

Now get inside the car and get to the destination shon in the map.

Park the car in the garage and get to the apartment.

Open the door.

Joe introduces you eddie scarpa.

Now you need to drive joe and eddie to the venue.

You can enjoy in the bar.

Finally you need to drop them to their house.

You take them in the car.

Before that you need to get rid of the bad smell in the car.

You dump the dead body at the destination.

You dump it in the hole.

Now you need to get back to joe's house.

After reaching house park the car in the garage.

Listen to the conversations.

Finally you say good night and leave from there.