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Mafia 2 Walkthrough Chapter 9: Balls and Beans

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Next day morning you are woken up by a call.

Wear the dress and get to the location.You can take the car from the garage.

Look out for sharp corners.

On reaching the restaurant get inside to meet them.

You are given work to do.

You get to the destination in the car.

Drive cautiously to follow the car.

We are almost at the destination.

You will see the car go inside. So now you need to find a way to sneak in.

Go to the river side and search for the way.

You can find the tunnel to sneak in.

Get inside it and reach the spot inside the compound.

Climb the ladder to reach the top.

Get cover so as to hide yourself.

Do not get seen by falcone guys.

Now you need to find a way to sneak in slaughter house.

Go to the end of the way and climb the box.

Go this way to the left side you can find a room.

There it is. Get inside it.

Walk slowly so as not to get spotted by the falcone men.

Keep moving to see the guys.

Now you need to save your guys.Find out where they are held.

So walk sneak to the destination room shown on the map.

Don't let anybody see you.

You are at the room.

Listen to the conversations.

Now you need to defeat this fellow.

Later on firing starts. Shoot the men.

Go and find luca.

Look out for the men hiding. Kill all of them.

Kill all of them to save your guys.

Kill all the men who comes in the cars.

Shoot them precisly so as to kill them soon.

Finally you find luca in a room.

Later go to see eddie at the falcone bar.

Take the car and get to the destination.

Get inside the bar and talk to eddie.

The conversations go on.

Since you smell like shit so go and change your clothes at any shop.

Get in the car and get to the destination.

Get inside the shop and purchase the clothes.

You now need to get to the location on the map.

Take any car to get to the destination quickly.

Get inside the bar and speak with eddie.

Joe speaks about the family.

You also meet with galante.

Now you are joined in the family.

You control most of the jobs.