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Mafia 2 Walkthrough Chapter 12: Sea Gift

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Next day you wake up to answer the call.

Get down through stairs.

You take the car from the garage.

On reaching the destination go to the location by walk.

Listen to the conversations going on.

Now go and pay a visit to loan shark in southport.

Take a car and get to the destination.

After reaching the destination walk to the alley.

You get inside the room.

Henry speaks about the loan.

Now drive to sea gift warehouse.

Follow the route shown on the map.

You can find a man outside.He will guide you inside and the deal is made.

He will guide you inside.

But on return you encounter with these guys.

You need to get out of there by killimg them.

Get upstairs through the stairs.

Look out for the men on the other side.

Get inside the room at the end of the way.

Kill all the men present down there.

Get to the door.

Keep moving to get out of there.

Kill all the enemies present down there.

Get downstairs and keep moving.

Now kill the remaining guys with the ammo you got.

Also kill the one's present out there.

Look out for others taking cover.

Take proper cover to protect yourself.

After killing all of them get the hell out of there.

And also lose the pursuers.

Now get to the destination shown on the map.

You deal with few persons.

Later on sell the dope to many persons.

Finally you go to party.