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Mafia 2 Walkthrough Chapter 15: Per Aspera Ad Astra

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You keep thinking about the war going on.

You answer the call.

You meet leo outside the house.

He offers you a chance to save his life by killing carlo.

And also speaks about henry being a rat.

Now get to the destination observatory on the map.

On reaching the location kill all the men present there.

Take cover and kill everybody shooting at you.

You need to get to the other side. So kill all of them.

You need to get inside the room.

Before that shoot the men present in the room.

Take the stairs and go upsides.

Kill all the men present outside the door.

Get inside the observatory.

Go downstairs to kill carlo.

Look out for men present down there.Shoot them.

Later on kill all the men coming to kill.Take proper cover.

Shoot preicsely to kill them quick.

Later get inside the room.

You find carlo and the conversations go on.

Joe has gun to your head but he saves you.

Later kill all the men present in the room hiding.

Look on all the sides.Shoot them with the ammo you got.

Finally you kill carlo to save yourselves.

Now you get out of there.

Outside you find leo waiting.

Finally joe is taken in different car to other direction since he was not the part of the deal.

This ends the game mafia 2.