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Mafia 2 Walkthrough Chapter 13: Exit the Dragon

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Next day you wake up to answer the call.

Get dressed and get to lincon park.

You have joe waiting down.Now get to the destination.

On reaching the destination you find henry being butuchered

Help henry by shooting those enemies.

You find the china man wong involved in it.

So you now follow his car.

Now get inside the restaurant and kill everybody.

Start shooting all of them.

Look on the map for the positions of the men. Also look on the top.

Take cover and shoot at the enemies with all the ammo you got.

Get inside the room.

Kill all the men present there.Take the ammo from the dead enemies.

Keep firing by taking cover.

Look out for the enemies on the other side.

Kill all of them and proceed upwards through stairs.

Get to the room at the end of the way.

Get inside the lift.

Kill all the men present there.

Go and take cover behind those boxes.

Get inside the room and shoot everybody.

Later get to the lift at the end of the way.

Finally you reach the room.

You ask wong why he killed henry.He says henry was a rat.

After killing wong get the hell out of there.

Now get back joe to home.

Look out for the cops.

Take the car and get to the destination.

Look out at the corners.

You speak about the henry.

Later on you go home.