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Mafia 2 Walkthrough Chapter 14: Stairway to Heaven

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Next day you wake up to answer the call.

Get in the car.

Drive to the destination without getting it hit.

After reaching the place you need to kill the oldman.

Them later you need to get out of there.

You later drop joe at the destination.

Later check derek has some work for you.

You go to derek in car following the route on the map.

You speak with derek.

Follow derek.

The conversations go on. Listen to them.

The old man speaks about the way how vito's father died an who killed him.

Vito threatens to kill hm.

Shoot all the men present there whoever are enemies.

Get inside the factory for derek.

A man throws molovov at you. Take proper cover to avoid damage.

Later on kill the man by shooting him.

Get upside the stairs to derek's office.

You find derek is escaping and you take the money from the table.

Later on you get out of there.

Take the car and get the hell out there.

Later you need to rob shops to have money to return to bruski.

You can also get the car in the machine to have money.

You get other car to get it crushed.

Steal other car and get them to be crushed to get paid.

Take the car in the crusher.

After you have collected enough money go to joe house.

Park the car in the garage on reaching the destination.

But you find joe is not at home.

Six hours later.

You go to eddie to find joe.

Tkae the car and get to eddie.

You ask eddie about joe but he knows nothing.

Later on you think to check on with guiseppe.

So you take the car and get to guiseppe.

He gives almost a clue.

Now you need to find joe.

So get in the car and get to the destination on the map.

You get inside the bar.

Later you ask about joe.

They you wake up tied to pole by thread.

Later you escape by breaking pipe.

Now get the hell out of the place by killing everyone.

Proceed downstairs.

Look for the enemies present down there.

After killing all of them and getting joe to the doctor you need to return the money.

So get in the car and get to destination.

Well you return the money to bruski.